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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

02 November 2014

2014 October ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012...
I continued in 2013... & 2014! GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS!

Today I find JOY in...

10/1/14 Wed
2992. early morning writing
I accepted the #write31days challenge from the Nester
2993. lunch w/a former babysitter of the kids - now the mother of 2 adorable little girls
2994. sunset in my backyard :)

10/2/14 Thurs
2995. wandering outside in jammies
in the morning
Excuse me while I step out into the back yard (in my red & black jammies) to take a few pics!!
stalking farmers in the afternoon
2997. farmers in MY backyard harvesting :)

10/3/14 Fri
are so much better than live spiders - well,
especially inside the house but, also in the pool
2999. open spaces today after the harvest
a post I wrote about that
3000. finding beauty in the ugly
Our fence has fallen down leaving
a lot of UGLY around our place.
God sent this flower
to remind me that nothing
stops HIM from making
the ugly beautiful!
10/4/14 Sat 
3001. coffee in bed w/all the kids sitting in our room :)
3002. fall decorating - amid all the clutter
3003. being a BAND GROUPIE

10/5/14 Sun
3004. church with the family!
(what a work God has done in the past year!!)
3005. my daughter as a mother
(that needs to be a FULL BLOWN post)
3006. Sunday Night Football & writing, writing, writing

10/6/14 Mon
3007. glorious morning reminders
3008. taking pictures of a very cluttered house
for a post entitled "I'll show you mine if..."

3009. young love

10/7/14 Tues
3010. morning walkabout & harvest messes!
3011. freshly harvested corn fields
& perspective
3012. a peaceful, serene sunset and a safe home to sleep in

10/8/14 Wed
3013. 3 generations watching a total lunar eclipse
with & explaining it to a 21-month old little girl - who kept waving & saying, "Hi Moon!!"
3014. warm October sun + cool October air
It's official & I don't have to keep my JOY to myself anymore! I can say it aloud... CONGRATS to the LOML who will be joining WFYI as their new Vice President & CFO (Chief Financial Officer)! I've never known a more hardworking, honest, knowledgeable & funny man. We are very happy for this new chapter to begin in the coming weeks!!!

10/9/14 Thurs
3016. an excuse to say DAM :)
3017. rainy day walks in old country cemetery
"He liveth best who loveth best all creatures great and small.
For the dear God who loveth us, He made and loveth all."
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
3018. closing down Bonge's
(Chef Tony, Tom, Chip, Dawn, Angie)

10/10/14 Fri
Happy Birthday to ME :D
3019. early morning celebration w/my family
3020. lunch with 2 besties
3021. Mahler 5 & my sister's hospitality

10/11/14 Sat
3022. fruit smoothies
3023. family fun - ping pong, corn hole, etc.

3024. 4:30pm church w/my sister in Cinci

10/12/14 Sun
3025. 2 posts in one day
3026. my father-in-law's smile & almond crusted torte & a dinner by G'Ma Bev

3027. BABY MAX - Maximus Logan M.

10/13/14 Mon
3028. a sneak nap in the morning
3029. visiting w/a loved one - Aunt B
3030. husband who makes scrambled eggs for dinner sometimes :)

10/14/14 Tues
3031. country conversations, boyfriend in a bottle & walking in the rain
3032. making up a HAPPY BASKET for my friends & their new baby boy!
3033. holding a new born baby!

10/15/14 Wed
(the last day of work for the LOML before starting a new job on 10/20)
3034. morning walkabouts... and traffic!

3035. free range chickens
and a little red-haired girl, of course!!
3036. breakfast for dinner

10/16/14 Thurs
3038. meeting the new boss
30413039. wonderful get-away w/the LOML!!

10/17/14 Fri
3040. coffee & pastries in bed
3041. lunch & shopping w/the LOML
3042. meeting up w/the girls

10/18/14 Sat
3043. staying in pj's almost ALL DAY LONG & writing about some emotional things:
Honoring the Memory of My Sister
Dealing with Sleepless Nights  
3044. skipping out on Homecoming
3045. sit down family dinner - those get sweeter as the years go by 

10/19/14 Sun
3046. celebrating a friend's birthday -- like she was in town with me :)
3047. friends at Cracker Barrel (whom I missed when I skipped Homecoming)
3048. lessons learned (skipping J&N's wedding)
I need to write a post of this... it's started... but... 

10/20/14 Mon
remembering my Dad -- especially today
on the anniversary of his HEAVENLY HOMECOMING
A Kiss & A Goodbye
"Someone" might or might not have just taken a picture of "someone else" as they were leaving for their first day of their new job. I can confidently say that "someone" would get killed by "someone else" if said picture was shared here... or anywhere else! OH HAPPY DAY!!
3050. having a dear friend visit my home for breakfast
3051. getting to run errands with Baby Max & his Mommy

10/21/14 Tues
3052. the street where I live...
sitting in a pile of leaves :)
3053. wandering at Mounds State Park
 3054. fun with stickers

10/22/14 Wed
3055. praying over the ever-growing TO DO LIST
(resulted in a post on 10/23: Struggling To Do It All)
3056. afternoon walkabout & warm fall sun
3057. garden tomatoes in our black bean combo
(are we allowed to use the same #JoyDare
over & over & over & over again???)

10/23/14 Thurs
3058. reading my own words & getting a pop in the face :)
Living Fully & Letting Go of Expectations
3059. foggy mornings
3060. an open cement pond
I'm thankful that the LOML has not yet closed my cement pond even though
I busted the net getting leaves out. The LOML usually closes it on my birthday, 10-10!

10/24/14 Fri
3061. waking up in the middle of the night
'cause I got some writing done in a very quiet house
Cancer + Coincidences + Peaceful Sleep
3062. getting to take a nap during the day
'cause Lord knows I didn't sleep much at all last night :)
3063. a cool PapaBear
with a new place of employment! THIS LITTLE LADY's PapaBear (g'daddy)
is at a PBS & NPR affiliate AND they had a totally cool Halloween Party!!

10/25/14 Sat
3064. celebrating Baby Max!!!!!
3065. strong Godly women in my life
3066. party paralyzation
(I have a post started on this & will come back
to add the link for those interested)

10/26/14 Sun
3067. sitting in morning church with my daughter & my LOML
one of my nieces holding A.
3068. afternoon walkabout
3069. my mom here for the night :)

10/27/14 Mon
3070. driving & accompanying my mom to a Dr. appt
3071. reception for my cousin's hubby - the incoming President of AU
3072. OPEN HOUSE for A

10/28/14 Tues
3073.  kneeling & praying and old hymns of promise
3075. digesting some sad news... and calling on God for help

10/29/14 Wed
3076. morning walkabout
3077. sillie selfies
3078. writing & being inspired by this picture from 3rd grade:

10/30/14 Thurs
3079. hyper-farm day while walking
3080. spending time with Carolyn
3081. dinner by "Jack O Lantern" light

10/31/14 Fri
3082. my favorite "stone-age" girls
Baby Pebbles & Mommy Pebbles
3083. holding a 20-day old baby for HOURS!

The titles & links for ALL 31 posts can be found

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