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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

03 September 2014

2014 August ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

AUGUST 2014 
Today I find JOY in...

8/1/14 Fri
2809. waking up & knowing where I will sleep tomorrow night
BONUS - taking time to add pics & publish my July JoyDare
2810. an afternoon walk to clear my head

2811. help packing - pic of Ayla in suitcases Access to 2 washers & 2 dryers

8/2/14 Sat
2812. helpers Sarah & Maggie AND an early check in at the DOC house!!

2813. 2 hours nap for Baby A

2814. dinner with the Rosenthals & show tunes at the amp - Sweeney Todd

8/3/14 Sun
(Tyler's last Brevard concert)
2815. pipe organ postludes at church
(Baby A falling asleep in the last few seconds of it)
2816. unpacking & trying to figure out where to put everything!! 

2817. parking lot driving

8/4/14 Mon
2818. exploring minds

2819. a butterfly means we are "home"

2820. peaceful sounds - waves lapping the shore & seagulls calling out 

8/5/14 Tues
2821. having a shoe nearby when I woke up
2822. the sounds of Chautauqua - the pipe organ playing from the morning service
2823. Old First Night - the celebration of traditions & valuing of the new
AND THEN... walking... walking... walking (I'm thankful that A. falls asleep in a stroller)

8/6/14 Wed
(see #2821!)

2825. A morning parade outside our window

2826. Perfect places to sit while the baby naps

8/7/14 Thurs
2827. last day of critiques for J :)
2828. discovering Discovery Garden!
2829. beautiful old buildings & architecture

8/8/14 Fri
2830. new friends this week for A - the girls
2831. playing in water
2832. my date for the Jackie Evanchlo concert

8/9/14 Sat
2833. fading love... NEVER
AND REPLIED "No it's not"
2834. smooth move
2835. lack of humidity in our new living area - dry bedding

8/10/14 Sun
2836. church beside a tree
2837. sweet reunions
2838. walking with the LOML

8/11/14 Mon
2839. waking up beside the LOML!!!
2840. dirt & fun
2841. dinner out with new friend & a great closing concert

8/12/14 Tues
Why yes, there is a baby under that canvas.
2843. distant storms (over Lake Erie)

2844. MY OWN BED
zzzzzzzzzzzzz :)

8/13/14 Wed
2845. sleeping in...
well after running outside to catch a view of the sunrise

2846. a great washer & dryer just steps from my bedroom
2847. a helper in the garden

8/14/14 Thurs
2848. morning walkabout with my stuckinindiana neighbor
2849. good food being ENJOYED
2850. dinner for two OUT with only the LOML
at our favorite place - Bonge's Tavern
8/15/14 Fri
Indiana State Fair Day with the kids
2851. free tickets from our neighbors - the owners of Bonecrusher
2852. making music at the State Fair
2853. crickets, cicadas & tree frogs
all sounds of my current home in stuckinindiana :)

8/16/14 Sat
2854. lazy start to the day - it's been a LONG time coming!
lazy mornings with the ones I love
2855. taking a look at the work ahead -
filmed a video which is too long to share here though :/ sorry
2856. enjoying the fruits of my labor

8/17/14 Sun
2857. back at my home church...
2858. being physically well enough to work really hard outside
2859. garden tomatoes in home-made taco's

8/18/14 Mon
2860. early wake up call for the morning back to school & work for our girls
2861. fires with s'mores on the patio
2862. neighbors & late night music
this conversation went on until well past midnight :)
8/19/14 Tues
2864. not getting freaked out when I miss an exit on an interstate 
& end up lost for a small amount of time
2865. traditions - old ones & starting new ones
met up with the LOML on our way back to the house tonight
8/20/14 Wed
2866. jammies until 2pm - when a friend came over :)
2867. free range chickens... and EGGS
2868. cornfields & sunset

8/21/14 Thurs
2869. lunch w/my BFFHEITER!
2870. an afternoon nap
2871. garden veggies in a foil pouch

8/22/14 Fri
My Big Sissy's Birthday
2872. free range chicken eggs & garden fresh tomatoes
(okay, and maybe a little shredded mozzarella cheese)
I hated hearing my mom say that to me when I was young but... 
2874. hard work paying off
these two auditioned & made the top group, Philharmonia, for this coming semester"

8/23/14 Sat
2875. sleeping in a very quiet house with the LOML
2876. a long time catching up on the blog
2877. less weeds in our back patio area

8/24/14 Sun
2878. bad sore throat
(it kept me in bed so that my body could REST)
2879. Nyquil cap's
(always work well for me to nip a cold in the bud!)
2880. pistachio ice cream for supper to soothe my throat

8/25/14 Mon
2881. in bed again - sore throat getting better
2882. getting time to catch up
2883. silver queen corn from the garden - YUMMMMM!

8/26/14 Tues
2884. being told "I love you" by my grown-up kids :)
2885. enough arugula for 4-5 salads
but, I ate it all :O
2886. breakfast for dinner - FRENCH TOAST = YUMMY!

8/27/14 Wed
2887. a lot of writing
2888. girlfriends getting together
2889. a child who is now a young adult -- who enjoys our company once again :)

8/28/14 Thurs
OUR SON IS 22 TODAY - wait-what!?!?!
2890. sleeping in a bit
2892. garden fresh tomatoes

8/29/14 Fri
2893. sunrise over soybeans
2894. sunset over mountains
2895. a long day & drive that ended safely at 1am in South Carolina

8/30/14 Sat
2896. a little me time before the softball tournament craziness gets me!
2897. good ol' Carolina RED Clay :)
And the WINNER is... my DAUGHTER... for taking the best pic of the weekend.
There's not one thing I don't #LOVE about this pic... from the cleat marks in the red clay dirt - to the bat leaning up against the softball fence - to the white hat on Ayla's head that her Mommy wore as a baby - to the fat dimples on her little baby hands - to the look of sheer JOY on her face!
my favorite pic from the weekend! sheer joy
2898. baby talk in the night!!!
What a treat to get to hear our little one talking in her sleep :)

8/31/14 Sun
2899. Sunday morning tradition for the Palmetto Softball Tournament
at Sumter First Church of God

2900. hard work - paying off
2901. God's great provisions through my hubby's family. They are such a blessing!!!
Dirty Brothers
Aunt Justeeeeeeeeeeeeen 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare
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  1. Hello Stuck in Indiana girl, :)

    "God goes before and behind you" -- yes, what great truth, huh? Thank you for your comment on my post "The Thing to Know on a Day (or month) of Firsts."

    We are settling in each day, and feeling more at ease.

    Thankful for this home,
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Jennifer, glad to hear that you are settling in & feeling more at ease. We're having a bit of that after 3 of the 4 of us in the house being gone for 8 weeks this summer. Love jotting down a few blessings each day. Morning by morning... new mercies I see!!