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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

10 December 2013

I Hate Over-Achievers!

Have those words ever crossed your mind as you watched someone going above & beyond what was required or expected? I've thought it many times while watching others & wallowing in my insecurities. 

And, I dare say, it's been thought of me as I've pushed myself or pushed others in the hopes that the best would happen or that efforts would be recognized & rewarded. That pushing was also, most likely, fueled by my insecurities.
Where's the line between giving your best and demanding too much?

Loved this clip art I found!
Throw in a baby & a few
more other things...
Add a few pounds & a longer skirt...
and you have ME!
I'm an over-achiever and, I often hate that about myself. I have the desire to cover-up anything happening in my life that is less than okay or might make me look like a slacker. On the other hand, I love to write about & share my life honestly and openly with friends & those who read my posts. This, perhaps, is another reason I write from the identity of "stuckinindiana" :)

Well, if you think I have the answer to the question, "Where's the line between giving your best and demanding too much?" -- I'm afraid you might be disappointed with this post. My entire blog is more about "the journey" than "the answers." I've struggled with the question above since early childhood! I imagine it'll be a challenge for me for years to come.

And, guess what? I have a theory on that :) I believe that there are certain areas of weakness in each of us which rear their ugly heads frequently. I believe that most of us re-fight many of the same battles as we move through life. With each time the ugliness appears, I find it best to immediately hand it to God. I fight the battle once again with His help. I believe God refines us in the fire, making us stronger through those reoccurring struggles. I've learned a variety of things fighting my over-achiever battle again & again :)

Where do you stand on the question:
Where's the line between giving your best and demanding too much?
A promise I claim:
"I will bring that group through the fire and make them pure. I will refine them like silver and purify them like gold. They will call on my name, and I will answer them. I will say, 'These are my people', and they will say, ‘The LORD is our God.'"  Zechariah 13:9
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09 December 2013

... I Have a Theory on That!

I have a theory...
The family who PLAYS together
STAYS together :)
I seem to say this a lot to my friends... "I have a theory on that." 

I remember coming up with all sorts of "reasons why" as a young child. I wonder if it had to do with the fact that I felt out of control over a lot of my life back in those days? It could have been a coping mechanism to help me deal with life -- as it were. I also felt from a very young age that if I observed things carefully I would be able to come to better conclusions about them over time.

Granted... many things cannot be explained & sometimes there seems to be no reason WHY a specific thing should have happened. But, that didn't stop me from trying to figure out SOME of the reasons :)

Some of my theories...
  • When testosterone kicks in, mental reasoning diminishes exponentially
  • The majority of human beings don't really become "mature adults" until their late 20's or early 30's
  • Certain "less than desirable traits" which are noticed at a very young age are often the traits that serve to save a person as time goes by. (with maturity often comes the way to use those traits not only for our benefit but for the benefit of others... even for humanity)
  • There's more to the meaning of "women being a help-mate to man" than doing work for him; there are many times I've gotten the impression that many men are often clueless.
  • I'm Okay... You're Okay! Seems to vary in meaning & interpretation from generation. My mom & many of her peers take that that to mean, you should like me just as I am & never suggest I could make any changes to improve myself.  I take it to mean love everyone no matter what they are like... but, always try to help them be better.  In addition to that, I'm okay as I am but, that doesn't mean I don't need to be in a constant phase of change -- becoming a better me, a better representation of God!
And, knowing me, I will probably continue saying & thinking... I have a theory on that! May I always go to the Lord & His Word for all those theories :)

I go to the WORD...
  • "We use God’s mighty weapons, not worldly weapons, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and to destroy false arguments." 2 Corinthians 10:4 NLT
  • "Dear brothers and sisters, I want you to understand that the gospel message I preach is not based on mere human reasoning." Galatians 1:11 NLT
  • Insomnia..."I woke up this morning, having gotten about 5 hours of sleep, yet feeling as though I'd slept 10 hours. AND, I have a theory on that..."
  • Crazy CONTROL... "My life's out of control lately. And, I don't like it. I have a theory about this topic of CONTROL..."
  • I Hate Over-Achievers... "Where's the line between giving your best and demanding too much?"

02 December 2013

2013 November ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012...
and now I'm well into the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2013... 

Today I find JOY in...

11/1/13 Fri
1991. HOPE ideas for last month - more than I could share in 31 days!
1992. the beautiful colors of autumn

1993. the JOY this little girl had giving out candy...
to our ONE Trick or Treater :)

11/2/13 Sat
1994. a washer & dryer
and many other modern-day blessings that make my life easier!
1995. spring cleaning - in November :)
1996. father & daughter time!

11/3/13 Sun
1997. 5 cousins (in their early 20's) sitting in church together

1998. G'MaBev's candied apples

1999. a Christian heritage

11/4/13 Mon
2000. the LOML working from home - very rare during the week!
2001. support & love of cousins

2002. hot apple cider, apples & caramel, DWTS cousin party

11/5/13 Tues
2003. early morning hugs & kisses
2004. the ticking of a $5 clock in the great room that reminds me of my grandma's grandfather clock when I was a little girl
2005. extra chances to show unconditional love

11/6/13 Wed
2006. Baby Einstein & a rocking chair
for someone who is NOT used to Daylight Savings Time yet
2007. giving advise (sometimes)
How to transition a cozy baby who is fast asleep in her warm carseat into her crib which is as cold as the house - 66 degrees... put a fleece blanket & her lovey into the dryer on hot for a few minutes; fold & roll them together & carry to crib; unroll warm blanket in crib; gently place sleeping baby onto warm blanket & place warm lovey in her arms; cover her with the warm blanket she had in her carseat 
2008. warm fleece throw blankets for the entire family :)

11/7/13 Thurs
2009. the root of all evil (inside joke)
2010. baby snoring paired with classical music
2011. watching my mom smile while watching her great-granddaughter

11/8/13 Fri
2012. leaving too early for an appointment
2013. 4 generations out to lunch :)
2014. long Facebook statuses -- every once in awhile
November 8th - Thankful that I had a passion at a very young age to be a doctor. Thankful that I took possibly every biology class offered by AU when I was there. I ended up being a mom full time & don't regret that one bit. However, in taking all those classes & with the passion I had for medicine, I was educated well for days down the road when I would sit beside both parents in various doctor appointments & be able to help them better understand what was said in the appointment. 
Psalm 139:4-7 https://www.bible.com/bible/116/psa.139.4-7.nlt

11/9/13 Sat
2015. walking & talking with a dear friend
2016. reminder that I'm not a fan of shopping
(especially when the voices start)
2017. tiny baby teeth - someone got their first this week :)

11/10/13 Sun
2018. romance - even when the park is closed & you eat your lunch in a parking lot
2019. too much caffeine - some extra cleaning got done
2020. daddy daughter bonding
(watching Burn Notice together)

11/11/13 Mon
2021. saying "I love you" as family members head out to work & school
2022. my front yard :)

2023. "Innie" belly buttons - bahahaha!

11/12/13 Tues
2024. desire to stay at home - worshiping, reading, writing
2025. watching lacey snowflakes fall with A
2026. watching Downton Abbey AGAIN - as J watched it for the first time

11/13/13 Wed
2027. a house with heat - brrrrrrr it's cold here
2028. walkabout at 23 degrees - LAYERS being the key
2029. a surprise visit to a friend while A slept peacefully in her carseat

11/14/13 Thurs
2030. sunshine & pretending that winter isn't coming - LOL
2031. reading stories to baby dolls
2032. my silly sense of humor
Posted this on Facebook:
Someone at A Christmas Carol rehearsal please let Bob Cratchit know
that his "other woman" has dinner waiting for him

2033. making it to a dinner reservation despite horrible traffic
2034. awesome cuisine & chocolate mousse for dessert - be still my beating heart

2035. just me & the LOML at a hotel :)

11/16/13 Sat (10-month b'day for A)
2036. reading for over an hour beside my sleeping LOML in the morning
2037. finding "happy's" for our little one
2038. the LOML's silly sense of humor
Smile Honey :)
11/17/13 Sun
2039. leisurely morning before check out
2040. one last romantic lunch date b4 going home

2041. safety in the storms!

11/18/13 Mon
2042. laundry room with LOTS of counter space!
2043. clearance table decor for my house
2044. reminders of God's faithfulness on Facebook & Twitter

11/19/13 Tues
2045. winter blues setting in... is this a good thing??
2046. working through the "fog" & accomplishing things
2047. seeing the eyes of the father of my babies when he looks at his grandbaby - it's a mutual love affair!

11/20/13 Wed
2048. frosted mornings

2049. picking up our little one...
Love my church. Love picking up Ayla so her Mommy can go to classes. Love when #SiriusXM is playing great worship songs as soon as we get into the car :)
2050. dinner waiting for Bob Cratchit :)

11/21/13 Thurs
2051. a hubby who loves our kids SO MUCH

2052. taking J & A to CCM for K's recital

2053. safe drive to/from Cinci

11/22/13 Fri
2054. good report from Mom's Dr appt but, I am a space cadet:
November 22nd - Thankful that my sister understood that I meant to say BIOPSY and not AUTOPSY as I was reporting back to her about my mom's doctor appointment earlier today! My sisters are very understanding with me (and fun!).
2055. TGIF - what a week!
2056. friends through the BFFClub
Snow Momma Nursing Snow Baby!
11/23/13 Sat
2057. coffee in bed w/the LOML
2058. the snow globe effect from the sun room
2059. 19 degrees & gorgeous

11/24/13 Sun
2060. feeling horrible - yet knowing it's not life-threatening
2061. staying in bed all day
2062. trusting God to heal this YUCK before Thanksgiving

11/25/13 Mon
2063. good night's sleep & feeling a little better
2064. praying for a feverish baby & trusting God to heal
2065. TV dinner on a night when I didn't want to cook
(wasn't great but, it wasn't me cooking or cleaning up)

11/26/13 Tues
2066. good night's sleep for me & baby - both of us feeling better!
2067. Emily Dragoo :) transportation :)
2068. safe journey for T & K -- Thanksgiving has begun :)

11/27/13 Wed
2069. the LOML working from home - LOVE IT!
2070. bought "happy's" for us girls
2071. dinner around the table followed by piano & organ concert

11/28/13 Thurs THANKSGIVING
2072. relaxed breakfast in jammies
2073. comparing this year with last year

2074. food & family fellowship

11/29/13 Fri
2075. sleeping in!
2076. napping in the afternoon
2077. going to bed early

11/30/13 Sat
2078. friends over the years & conversations that flow regardless of how long it's been since we actually talked with each other!!!
2079. whipping the MBR into shape :)
2080. 1st Gaither Concert for A & K :)

NOVEMBER 2013 #1000Gifts #JoyDare