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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

08 July 2014


JUNE 2014 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012...
I continued in 2013...
I'm now into 2014! 

Today I find JOY in...

6/1/14 Sun
2626. how much better today is than ONE YEAR AGO... oh my!
2627. family time outside

2628. the laugh of the LOML - still makes me smile :)

6/2/14 Mon
2629. lunch with a movie star - okay just a local friend who dresses like a movie star
2630. promises written on the sky

2631. rolling with the punches... we have just about 2 weeks until we are heading out for the summer... and EVERYONE in Baby A's class gets sent home with hand, foot & mouth for a WEEK!!! DeeDee is going to be BUSY this week!

6/3/14 Tues
2632. coffee in bed - thank you LOML
2633. doing dishes
If I have to wash dishes.. these are my favorites
2634. bubble baths with LAVENDAR scented bath soap & lotion

6/4/14 Wed
2635. pairings

2636. fresh field greens anyone?

2637. posting on a FREE site that I wanted a FREE Little Tikes swing... and making pick up arrangements before dinner time... I LIKE FREE!

6/5/14 Thurs
2638. the color green - especially when it's paired with the color pink :)
2639. sunglasses say so much about a girl

2640. pine needles

6/6/14 Fri
2641. new FREE baby swing

2642. reunited... niece & uncle :)

2643. the love in a family

6/7/14 Sat
2644. getting CRAZY excited for my kids for the summer
Brevard Music Center Festival & Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institute 
2645. "a bridge job"
managing a young, struggling artist...

2646. shade & a breeze with family

6/8/14 Sun
2647. good-bye kisses
2648. checking out new places

2649. an evening concert over the mountains

6/9/14 Mon
2650. waking up with the birds
2651. God's beautiful Appalachian Mountains

2652. best shower this side of the Mississippi

6/10/14 Tues
2653. sunrise, hummingbirds & morning walks

2654. hugging my son goodbye for 10 weeks :/
so glad we have a great relationship!!
2655. home early enough to actually catch our breath before falling into bed (and kiss our favorite sleeping baby)

6/11/14 Wed
2656. WOAH... seriously... a week from tomorrow!!!

2657. property walk-about
2658. fresh greens from the garden
just to show the perspective...
those little dark ovals at the top are HUGE AVOCADOS!!
6/12/14 Thurs
2659. aggressively attacking the TO DO LIST :)
2660. seeing the closet floor again
2661. legs that ache - which means I am strong enough to be on my legs for the day working - it's a blessing in disguise

6/13/14 Fri
Friday the 13th - holds no power over me :)
2662. warm sun & cool breezes for brunch

2663. 15 minutes of weeding
aka 90 minutes of weeding after resetting my phone alarm 5 more times!!
2664. church softball teams
(our church teams ranges from 16 to 60 in age!!)

6/14/14 Sat

2666. drive thru banking in #SmallTownUSA

2667. evening with the LOML

6/15/14 Sun Father's Day 
2668. my church family... is like family!!
2669. Cracker Barrel & crayons

2670. my bed - so comfy :)

6/16/14 Mon
2671. sister-friend lunch w/Kimberly at Panera :)
2672. fresh field greens... lots of fresh field greens!

2673. nightfall sitting outside with the LOML

6/17/14 Tues
2674. swinging outside & talking with a dear friend who has recently found her way home... home to "stuckinindiana" land
2675. train up a child... just kidding
2676. veggie comparisons
radishes are yummy...
their leaves - not so much!
6/18/14 Wed
the root of all evil is... ?
2677. quiet time with PapaBear before leaving tomorrow

2678. friends through the years... sister friends!!

2679. my backyard

6/19/14 Thurs
beginning of a BIG ADVENTURE - nervous anticipation
2680. buried alive

2681. fun along the way... 
watch out... baby driver!!!!

2682. the apartment for our summer...
facing SHOCK with LAUGHTER...
sometimes the only way to survive & thrive :)

6/20/14 Fri
Immense blessings often come when you are willing to make sacrifices
2683. a long walk-about with J & A
a special spot
that fits perfectly
2684. meeting the Ceramics Guys!!!
2685. Wegman's brand foods

6/21/14 Sat 
2686. picking up K... and our little Fashion Diva :)

2687. University Beach & thoughts of the future

2688. meeting new friends at the ABBA concert - real God-send!

6/22/14 Sun
2689. blown away by CHURCH in an open-air ampitheater
with a couple 1000 other people

2690. afternoon walk while A napped...then woke up & chilled :)

2691. a very cool bathtub
blow-up duckie tub (that quacks)
sitting in a beautiful claw-foot tub
6/23/14 Mon
2692. my crazy good organization skillz

2693. all I need...

2694. dusk walkabout

6/24/14 Tues
2695. "Bestor Plaza Fountain and The Missing Shoe" 
That could make an interesting blog post!

2696. ME... tears (gate guard)... no tears (creepy landlord)
2697. J's magic touch at AIR CONDITIONING on our first hot night

6/25/14 Wed
2698. new way to do my meals
Fix A's food; let her eat all she will; finish her leftovers

2699. new acquaintances - Wednesday Meet & Greet on the Porch
2700. 2 hour evening walk

6/26/14 Thurs
2701. Childproofing 101

2702. a big turtle... a little girl
2703. almost 4 hours of strolling outside today
last walk of the day - took this pic of K to send to T
they miss each other :(
6/27/14 Fri
2705. fingerpainting... bubbles.. and fashioning a diaper from a woman's minipad

2706. yummy supper I made -- kinda REAL food

6/28/14 Sat
2707. being awakened at 4am & not going back to sleep - 
got to see a great sunrise - well... thru a screen

2708. getting used to turkey bologna
2709. great leftovers

6/29/14 Sun
2710. great sermon... had to sit still for about 45 minutes to polish up my notes
2711. Atlanta representing...

2712. my favorite pew

6/30/14 Mon
2713. celebrating my marriage to the LOML & counting down the days until his visit!!
2714. COUSINS visiting J & A
love these kids... every one of them!
2715. walking, walking, walking... and 30-minute passes

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