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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

01 June 2012


JUNE 2012

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare
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I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012... here we go for... 

JUNE 2012
Today I find JOY in...

Fri 6/1

447. surprisingly gray & cold 1st day of June

448. singing at the top of my lungs along w/Lucianno

449. the last Friday night of empty-nesting w/the LOML
Sat 6/2
450. fresh fruit, veggies, pulled pork & hugs - celebrating Rachel!
451. friends who you can call & they drop everything to help you
452. honoring those who've gone on, acknowledging the holiness in the bond of marriage, celebrating a new couple with tried & true friends

Sun 6/3
453. silently sitting beside the LOML &
being full of words of thanksgiving for him 
454. home projects & doing dishes w/glam gloves

455. the silly thing my hair does when i lean against pillows to watch TV
this cracks me up -
meet the show choir mom!
Mon 6/4
456. winter wheat changing colors daily

457. the pond where the cows will wade to cool off in the summer

458. thoughtful gifts from a friend

Tues 6/5
459. dilapidated things along the way

460. friends with whom we can instantaneously re-connect 
461. early to bed - 1st time in ages!

Wed 6/6
462. summer salads - from whatever you find in the fridge & garden
463. Pruning results from hydrangeas that were falling over, ivy that was creeping up the house & fresh mint that's outgrowing it's plant bed.

464. Praying blessings upon a "rascal" 
Thurs 6/7
465. a 75 cent plant one year later

466. walking around my "beach house"
Paintings by my father, who began painting at 65!
Shells, etc. from our cabin at Yellow Creek Lake :)
A lighthouse on Lake Michigan
Watering Grandma's Garden - 1995

The children at Yellow Creek Lake -  1996

467. exercising - even when i didn't feel like it
Fri 6/8
468. note from a former youth group student - now all grown up
469. welcoming our college freshman home - lots of joy moments this day!

470. packed cars & cluttered floors

Sat 6/9
471. Bacon on the grill and Armed & Dangerous
472. AHS friends - the Babbs & Sears
473. Date night at home!
Sun 6/10
474. Church beside my son - again
475. BFF visits by the pool
476. Sitting outside w/the LOML as the sun sets
Mon 6/11
477. Double exercise day & surrounding beauty

478. Neighbors who eat hay

479. Baby squirrels who fall in pools... AGAIN

Tues 6/12
480. Low flying helicopters - YIKES
481. Using oatmeal to bribe my no-longer-so-little son out of bed
482. Being the guest audience for a speech
Wed 6/13
483. Pistol Packing Mamas

Now there's a BLOG in the making!
484. Fruit parfaits & fritattas

485. New friendships w/my book club girls
Thurs 6/14
486. Floating in COLD water under HOT sun
487. a room with a view

488. Writing at the end of a full & fun day
Fri 6/15
489. Double workout done before 11am
winter wheat in desperate need of harvest
490. Sam & Karen's w/son for ICE CREAM :)
491. Pot roast for dinner w/my boys -
reminds me of Sunday dinners growing up in the country pastor's home :)
Sat 6/16
492. Being a golf widow on Fathers Day weekend for a few hours - which rarely happens - so I was happy for the LOML
493. Unplanned & totally relaxed visit with a loved one -gardening
494. Fireflies, wind blowing thru the shagbark hickory, the cows mooing for dinner next door, a sparkling string of patio lights - evening!.
Sun 6/17
495. Making it on time to church - even though the alarm DID NOT GO OFF :/
496. Family Day / Father Day - 3 generations of men (2 of them fathers - the other a son/grandson)
497. Family time, including 2 cousins, for a Father's Day brunch
Mon 6/18

498. Walking on country roads twice today w/separate friends then iced coffee!

493. Pizza party - pizza, pop & Picard
(dinner on a blanket - watching StarTrek Next Generation)
494. 9pm church softball games = quiet time for me

Tues 6/19
495. coffee & conversation time outside on the swing since the LOML got to leave for work a little later than normal today

496. a guest for dinner - one of Tyler's classmates from high school
497. dusk on the deck & patio

Wed 6/20
498. double exercise AGAIN - done before 11am

499. cooling off w/my feet in a pool while sipping peach iced tea
& afternoon trombone practice

500. memories & friendships strengthened through the r12 study
Thurs 6/21
501. Double workout & then yummy leftovers

502. Totally relaxed fun evening w/friends whom we never get to see!

503. RAIN -- even a barely measurable amount
Fri 6/22
504. Waking to a FOG of moisture over our area

505. The sound of "rain" from just the dew dropping
506. Downton Abbey - FINALLY (thanks to Netflix...) 

Sat 6/23
507. Sit-down-dinner on a Saturday afternoon - rare :)
508. Cleaning the pool - from in the water
509. Our son using his God-given gifts to serve God's church

Sun 6/24
510. Orchestra Sunday - my favorite
511. Twitter & church; speeches; Real Hacienda; Sunday afternoon nap!
512. A sneaky husband - who loves (and likes) me :)
Mon 6/25
513. Double work-out Mondays & beauty along the way

514. Making a sandwich & chips for my not-so-little-boy
515. dreaming about rain - hope in the night
Tues 6/26
516. morning shade on the patio

517. a hairdresser who is my FRIEND & takes me through the drive-thru as my color is processing :)
518. seeing my little boy on the big screen (well, the one at Reardon Auditorium)
Wed 6/27
520. sitting by my hubby & watching the closing NAC service
521. splurging by having chips & Limeade for a nighttime snack
Thurs 6/28
522. winter wheat field - completely harvested
523. HVAC on a totally hot day!
Seriously 109 degrees outside!
524. inviting my daughter to go to a movie with me - 
letting her know that i still love spending time with her
Fri 6/29
525. throwing all sorts of fruit into the blender for a protein shake
526. encouraging tweets & pics from our IYC2012 youth & counselors
527. a pizza & TV night with my boys

Sat 6/30 My Wedding Anniversary <3
528. Morning devotions on the patio with the sounds of cooing mourning doves, chirping birds, wind through the trees... a great way to begin any day! 

529. weeding in the garden with my kids & the fruits of our labor

nothing like having both kids home
for our anniversary :)
Swiss Chard Salad :)
530. the fact that our 19 year old WANTED to watch a movie with us
(regardless of the fact that it was our anniversary night)

AND THUS CONCLUDES JUNE 2012 #1000Gifts #JoyDare 

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