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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

01 March 2014

2014 February ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012...
I continued in 2013...
I'm now into 2014! 

Today I find JOY in...

2/1/14 Sat
2265. 3am - waking up drenched in sweat
fever broke; then after 4 hours of sleep, I was feeling so much better than before
2266. an unexpected text showing me her works in progress...

You REALLY need to look at my #2252 to get the AWESOMENESS of this JoyDare!
2267. freshly laundered sheets & jammies tonight

2/2/14 Sun
2268. the LOML bringing me breakfast in bed
2269. writing my feelings
2270. loosing myself in a mystery

2/3/14 Mon
2271. burnt toast and laughing w/my daughter about how a certain grandma does that w/regularity
2272. singing songs
Singing to the Sesame Street theme song
2273. 21 degrees sounded warm
The jammies were exchanged for Cuddle Duds, sweats, etc...
and I was out the back door to take a look at "My Father's World"

2/4/14 Tues
2274. a morning of reading & writing & feeling God
2275. snow falling & a tree full of junkos
2276. family safely home in the storm

2/5/14 Wed
2277. a snow day with all of us home
2278. a little me time - WOAH, DO I NEED SOME
2279. the things you do when a baby takes over your heart
books gone 
books here
2/6/14 Thurs
2280. baby swirl-head hair

2281. a hurting heart -
only happens if we've allowed ourselves to love deeply
2282. ham, peas, corn & rice - family tradition/long story :)

2/7/14 Fri
2283. getting back on track

2284. a Snow Bear breakfast

2285. preparing for a weekend experiment
how long will it stay clean?
meanwhile on another counter
 2/8/14 Sat
2286. perhaps a selfishly lazy morning
2287. turning my family into guinea pigs
Someone other than ME actually washed a few dishes!
2288. leftovers in the 'fridge so I don't have to cook!

2/9/14 Sun
MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY 2-9-29 - You do the math
2289. open spaces

2290. messy rooms

2291. old people

2/10/14 Mon
2292. dressed before noon :)
2293. following the sun & following the Son
2294. delicious tuna casserole!

2/11/14 Tues
2295. sitting by the fire w/A at 6am
(propane tank got filled yesterday, PTL!)
2296. lunch in the sun
Stinking cat stole my chair where I'd STARTED
to eat my lunch. 
2297. thanking God that J was okay after falling hard on the ice

2/12/14 Wed
2298. Bryan Duncan - wake up to an older recording he did (O Love That Will Not Let Me Go) & see his posts on Twitter daily - years of loving God 
2299. Christmas presents

2300. an artistic eye?
I curled up in a small ball at the foot
of the un-made bed to talk on the phone.
God's art in the sunset just outside my
window took my breath away!
2/13/14 Thurs
2301. waking up with a reminder of a great loss
& then an immediate reminder of promises KEPT by God!
Mourn Shall Tearless Be
2302. a clean great room - even if only for hours :)
2303. a smoked filled house
Dinner prep (don't ask) mandated
opening the front door & sun room door.
Big bunny tracks showed that
we'd missed a visitor
at some point today :/
2/14/14 Fri
2304. coffee, dark chocolate truffles & the perfect card
2305. sister-friends
2306. my "Go To" dish

2/15/14 Sat
2307. up early but... staying in the master bedroom until 1pm
2308. 40 minute phone conversations with my big sister - while sitting in my bathtub without water in it :)
2309. Christmas decorations which hang out around the house all year
Home Decor Tip: If you use gold tones, burgundy & sage green
in your home, some of your Christmas decorations can
hang out in plain sight all year long :)
2/16/14 Sun
2310. praying for people who I see from a distance during church - wondering who might be praying for me in the same service :) God's FAMILY!!
2311. an afternoon writing, reading & resting... in bed :)
2312. fences being mended between two I love

2/17/14 Mon
2313. lavender lotion - love that smell
2314. experiment continuing
2315. fleece jammies -- brrrrrr, cold nights!

2/18/14 Tues
2316. pairing photos I've taken w/quotes & scriptures
"How beautiful it is to do nothing,
and then to rest afterwards."
~ Spanish Proverb
2317. surprise lunch with a dear, dear friend
2318. the LOML deciding to cook dinner for us

2/19/14 Wed
2319. a brilliant, sunny day with temps above freezing!
2320. laundry - lots of laundry
2321. hand-me-down clothes for A.

2/20/14 Thurs
2322. joy in SO MANY things

2323. rolling fog

2324. cheap chicken tetrazzini & the nieces over for the evening

2/21/14 Fri
2325. quiet morning of reading, writing & talking to God
and a warm cat :)
2326. loving one's self

2327. having my face rubbed by a palm the size of a walnut & with the feel of velvet

2/22/14 Sat
2328. hiding under the covers until my devotions are done :) 
2329. party & gallery opening for A & her Mommy
2330. a chaise from North Carolina for J & a squeaky rocking chair for the baby and me

2/23/14 Sun
2331. great sermon!!!
2332. a friend living in sobriety :)
2333. PapaBear's love for our little one

2/24/14 Mon
2334. safe flight for the LOML
2335. lunch with my girls
2337. adding truth to pics I've taken

2/25/14 Tues
(today began with me being violently sick in the night - flu or food poisoning, I don't know... but, it was not good!)
2338. ginger ale & oyster crackers
2339. ginger ale & oyster crackers
2340. ginger ale & oyster crackers

OKAY... let's try for something better
2338. prayers of friends
2339. a constant companion

2340. ginger ale & oyster crackers :)

2/26/14 Wed
2341. Cheerwine - instead of coffee - to kill the caffeine headache
2342. an unusually CONTENT baby this morning while DeeDee was feeling very puny!
2343. nieces who love on my girls :)

2/27/14 Thurs
I am IN IT to END IT - Are you?
2344. Clorox wipes; a washer and dryer
2345. documenting something important with a future generation girl
2346. clean sheets, clean towels, clean... almost everything
just in time for the LOML to return from 3-day business trip!

2/28/14 Fri
2347. first cup of coffee since Monday morning :)
2348. a present for A from PapaBear's business trip

2349. farm fresh eggs :)

FEBRUARY 2014 #1000Gifts #JoyDare

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