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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

02 February 2014

2014 January ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012...
and done with 2013 & on to 2014 

Today I find JOY in...

1/1/14 Wed
2173. When Harry Met Sally - a tradition w/the LOML AFTER the clock strikes midnight! Started it around 1:45am & watched it in entirety by a sleeping LOML
2174. a baby falling asleep in my arms
Does it get any better
than this?
2175. blessings of a family I believe God placed in my life

1/2/14 Thurs
2176. big master bedroom window - right beside my bed!

2177. text from my neighbor doggie (well, her owner)
Koko LOVES the snow
2178. keeping Christmas lights up... longer

1/3/14 Fri
2179. doing something different with her hair today

2180. the look on A's face when I put my plate of food on her high chair tray

2181. keeping a table set - just for the "pretty"

1/4/14 Sat 
24 years old - not MY daughter!?!?!?!
2182. a father helping his daughter move forward - emptying the apartment
2183. daddy daughter date for her birthday
2184. safe travels from Atlanta for T&K and homemade chicken soup on a cold night!

1/5/14 Sun
2185. not having to go to the laundry mat to get laundry done!
2186. safe - yet very scary - drive to/from Cinci to drop T&K to UC-CCM

2187. being welcomed home by J & A - hugs & kisses

1/6/14 Mon
2187b - oops. waking up to about 13 inches of snow & everyone staying home!

2188. I still crack myself up! my Facebook status today... 
So far today I've fed finches, junkos, cardinals, huge blue jays, titmouses (yes, that's the plural), sparrows, starlings, chickadees and a partridge in a pear tree!

2189. J's work closing again - thank goodness!

1/7/14 Tues
2190. a second day knowing that my family is safe at home

2191. Johnny Jump Ups!

2192. overeating... ?
I was a little concerned about how many Kix she ate AFTER her full breakfast...
until her Mommy got her out of the high chair & she had Kixs all over her back side 
1/8/14 Wed
2193. beginnings - starting another 7-day challenge w/my daughter
2194. 3 hours of shoveling & cleaning off cars - thankful that I am physically able to do things like that!
2195. showered & jammies on by 4:30pm!

1/9/14 Thurs
2196. morning smiles & hugs from this little one

2197. good neighbors
I love being a "country girl" ... I walked over to the neighbors to thank them for plowing our drive yesterday
and she greeted me with a dozen farm fresh eggs!!
2198. winter walk-abouts

1/10/14 Fri
2199. finally writing a little today - such a blessing
2200. determination to feel (and look better) this winter
2201. comfort food for a cold night

1/11/14 Sat
2202. lots of home projects
2203. out of the house for the 1st time since 1/5
2204. got A all ready for a Colts Superbowl - but, it's not gonna happen - still gonna dress her up

1/12/14 Sun
2205. humming with an almost-1yr old before she falls asleep for nap
2206. stopping along the road to catch a pic of God's art

2207. girls shopping trip (A., her Mommy & her DeeDee)

1/13/14 Mon
2208. a much more relaxed, quiet morning than the weekend
2210. sharing a friend's new business
Andrew W, Lyon Travel

1/14/14 Tues
2211. day 7 of 7-day challenge
2212. being "tuckered out" from playing hard

2213. laying in the sun... by the pool on a sunny winter day
granted... the pool is covered with ice & snow!
1/15/14 Wed
2214. change of plans:
new semester schedule = morning cuddle bug :)

2215. opportunities at Anderson University - serving our community with their time & talents
AU Art+Design Students Make Bowls for Local Fundraiser
pic used in the article... and our first born on the left :)
2216. seeing that "a baby changes everything"

1/16/14 Thurs
2217. remembering what we were doing a year ago today
2218. the love of books

2219. repairmen who are willing to work until 7pm on a night when they, themselves, are having problems at their home!)

1/17/14 Fri
2221. dressing for a potential rescue
I'm wearing this shirt today
so that rescue personnel can easily find me
if I freeze to death
2222. two gas fireplaces!

1/18/14 Sat
2223. tag teaming my To Do List
2224. things I saved for 20+ years

1/19/14 Sun
2226. A. communicating with a sweet little autistic child at church today

2228. the gift of hospitality from my sister

1/20/14 Mon
2229. love on a little sleep :) getting up after a short night to drive south to Cinci to get 3 kids to drive north to Wright State University for their Horn & Trombone Competition 
2230. celebrating our kids - T&J

2231. safe drive home to a HEATED house - PTL!

1/21/14 Tues
2232. shower before 1pm - ah the memories of being a young mommy & the new reality of being a g'mommy who watches her g'baby a few mornings a week
2233. experiment w/the LOML
Hint: Getting to the root of all evil :)

When will he notice I'm slowly & surely going GINGER?
2234. blurry pics
now that's she's mobile, it's tough to get focused pics
1/22/14 Wed
2235. new Wednesday morning routine
2236. -4 outside before the windchill - thankful for my furnace!
2237. a naked kitty cat...
Long story cut short... now that the furnace is fixed, Solomon keeps trying to nap on the registers & we keep seeing him running around the house WITHOUT A COLLAR & finding his "break-away" collar stuck to some warm register

1/23/14 Thurs
2238. sunrise & SUN DOGS!

2239. 3rd generation using the same night light

2240. braving the cold for a great sunset photo

1/24/14 Fri
wrote a little somethin', somethin' about it
2242. sparrows... grrrrr!
possibly an example of the ugly beautiful?
2243. old TV shows w/the LOML on a relaxed Friday evening at home

1/25/14 Sat
2244. a handyman & a professional for a hubby :)

2245. A personal favorite...
Jammie Mornings in the MBR... Ayla sleeping in her swing... JB&me on our laptops watching Leverage on Netflix :D
2246. Bonge's dinner w/the LOML - love the friends we have there!

1/26/14 Sun
2247. being vulnerably human in front of those watching me - this is my prayer
2248. homemade pop corn - regardless of all those calories
2249. power & water off from 7:14pm to 9:45pm - hmmmm :/
thankful that it came back on before sub-zero temps complicated matters!

1/27/14 Mon
2250. overwhelming times of feeling God's presence - so humbling
2251. repurposing... again
dried out & dropped evergreen needles become mulch for the rhododendron
2252. winter drive & pics
1/28/14 Tues
2253. a snow delay of 1.5 hrs for J's job & AU classes cancelled :)
2254. snow day for little A - jammies all day!
2255. Every good gift comes from God --
and a lot of times through your "southern" family members!!

1/29/14 Wed
2256. 10 minutes of sitting in the sun in the quiet before hitting the To Do List

2258. our other son for dinner & Idol

1/30/14 Thurs
2259. standing in the balcony praying
2260. a blue heron & snow pics
2261. 3 hour nap for A... and a 2-hr nap for me :)

1/31/14 Fri
2262. fervent prayers
2263. horrible stomach flu -
which didn't allow me to sleep but allowed me to pray a LOT!
2264. Ginger Ale & oyster crackers


  1. What a beautiful list! Stopping in from Ann's today. Yeah for naps and a heart for prayer!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Stacey. I just LOVE being a part of Ann's community. It's downright POWERFUL naming the gifts which God places lovingly in our lives. Have a blessed day!!

  3. Love your list! Especially was struck by your visit to Cincinnati-that's where I live!!! Coming to you from Ann's link up! Blessings, Mary!

  4. Thanks for visiting Mary! I love Cinci... and have a sister who lives there. Also, our son attends school there. If you look at any of my previous #JoyDare posts, you'll see lots of pics from that area.

    Glad to connect with you via Ann's community. Have a God-filled day!!