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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

06 January 2014

2013 December ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012...
and I'm almost done with 2013... 

Today I find JOY in...
12/1/13 Sun
2081. my church family
2082. celebrating the birthday girl
21 tomorrow - seriously!!
2083. safe travels for the LOML to/from Cinci

12/2/13 Mon - K is 21!?!?!?! WOW
2084. getting to see a very LOVEY baby to start out an early day!
2085. my eye sight - what a gift
Thankful to enjoy my mom's art work!
2086. Thanksgiving left-overs = YUMMY!
12/3/13 Tues
2087. foggy walk-about

2088. help cleaning the stainless steel refrigerator
2089. it's beginning to look (a little bit) like Christmas around here

12/4/13 Wed
2090. feeling encouraged about the pending WINTER
2091. 30 minutes of shopping :)
(I hate shopping... so, I go in, get what I want... and then LEAVE!)
2092. glimmers of hope in an area which was total darkness for a long time

12/5/13 Thurs
2093. Santa's elf shopping then a late nap which lasted until about 5pm!

2094. walking away the pounds & winter blues :)
2095. live theatre!

12/6/13 Fri
2096. successfully completed Day 3 of the 7-Day Challenge! 
2097. Panera w/my long-time accountability partner & A who chatted with EVERYONE while we were there!
2098. first big snow tradition... Bonge's

12/7/13 Sat
2099. thankful for changes in the past year
2100. celebrating a WONDERFUL sister-friend

2101. less autumn & more Christmas
(working around the house)

12/8/13 Sun
2102. watching a baby wake up
2103. pre-lit Christmas trees - grrrrrr!
2104. OH MY WORD... first school program for our little GRAND, A

12/9/13 Mon
2105. back to my 7-day exercise challenge after missing Sat & Sun
2106. BFF Club - relaxed & quiet tonight - very unusual
2107. Bugles for dinner - 'tis the season where schedules get in the way from time to time!

12/10/13 Tues
2108. Cheerio's

2109. fresh evergreen from the property to decorate

2110. shadows - proof that there IS light!!

12/11/13 Wed
2111. restful night despite limited hours of sleep - I have a theory on that
2112. singing Christmas songs for the 2+ hour drive to Cinci
while this one slept peacefully

2113. new "DeeDee" in the world - my friend's daughter (a former show choir girl with my daughter) had a baby girl!!"

12/12/13 Thurs
2114. more decorating w/evergreens from out the back door

2115. feeling much better from exercising - why don't I keep this up year round?!?!?
2116. T&K helping J set up for tomorrow morning & doing chalk selfies:

12/13/13 Fri
2117. J's senior critique to prepare for her SENIOR SHOW next semester
Slab work - landscape ceramic
J's FINEST work of art yet!
2118. Lunch on Layke at AU

2119. A Christmas Carol - supporting the LOML
The wonder of a first Christmas
12/14/13 Sat
2120. relaxed morning - well for an hour or so
2122. feeding birdies outside my bedroom window :)
2123. bath time smiles

12/15/13 Sun
2124. church beside my hubby (aka the LOML)
2125. spending time shopping with T & K
2126. FINAL performance of A Christmas Carol - I get my husband back :)
(and a family tradition - photo bombs!)

12/16/13 Mon - A, 11 months old today!
2127. more organizing around the house
2128. 5 months of sleeping better - love being able to provide a safe, secure, positive environment for 2 of our favorite gals :)
2129. dinner w/family & friends who we claim as family!

12/17/13 Tues
2130. strength when I am worn out - has to be from God!
2131. safe travels
2132. pizza party & pool games w/J & T

12/18/13 Wed
2133. the LOML working from town today :)
I would prefer him working from home... but, from town is great too!
2134. finding art from when T. was 8 yrs old

2135. praying for my Stripped Love (formerly Butterflies of Hope ministry) women

12/19/13 Thurs
2136. throwing on snow boots & walking outside in my jammies to take gorgeous snow/sunrise pics

2137. fingerprinted for a Christmas present :)
2138. Christmas dishes
wanted some since I was a little girl, got them after 15+ yrs of marriage &
they make me HAPPY every time I see them :)

12/20/13 Fri
2139. checking items off the TO DO list - like a beast :)
2140. surprise present for the LOML - will it be a success
2141. big sissy in town

12/21/13 Sat
2142. another female HELPER around the house - thank you Auntie Cooah!
2143. friends of mine - a family divided!

2144. crockpot dinners = good & usually much easier

12/22/13 Sun
2145. Orchestra Sunday w/T. in town!
2146. a wiggly little girl who wanted MORE orchestra
2147. Sunday afternoon nap - much needed

12/23/13 Mon
2148. another female HELPER around the house - thank you Auntie Cooah!
2149. a clean master bedroom - who cares about the rest of the house - LOL!
2150. a hubby who doesn't mind picking up groceries on the way home for work

12/24/13 Tues
2151. Christmas Eve time together w/Mom & her 3 daughters
2152. the new "WOW!" look

2153. practically DONE w/wrapping presents - that is SO rare for me!

12/25/13 Wed
2154. watching A's FIRST Christmas
It's a Christmas explosion!
2155. watching A's FIRST STEPS on Christmas Day
2156. wonderful happy times with family!

12/26/13 Thurs
2157. early morning hugs and smiles when J & A returned to work/school
2158. 2 families praying for safety
2159. answered prayers - safe travels

12/27/13 Fri
2160. 4-hour nap for A. while Auntie Cooah was babysitting
2161. hair cut - don't let myself do that often
2162. the LOML - I just love that guy :)

12/28/13 Sat
2163. breakfast w/Aunt Kimmy!
2164. nice weather for shopping at Hamilton Towne Center w/A in a stroller

2165. early to bed

12/29/13 Sun
2166. early morning drive to airport - great conversation w/big sister :)
2167. church w/family - including the 11-month-old who loves to wave at ANYONE who will look at her!!
2168. MAJOR CLEANING BURST OF ENERGY - after about 2 wks of house guests

12/30/13 Mon
2167. a quiet morning - first time in a while
2168. Solomon watching A as she played w/new things from Christmas

2169. impromptu dinner w/BnK

12/31/13 Tues
2170. packing up things at "the apartment"
2171. family meal & fellowship for our New Year's Eve celebration

2172. a day that ended on actually the NEXT day :)

DECEMBER 2013 #1000Gifts #JoyDare

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