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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

25 May 2012


MAY 2012
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare
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I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012... here we go for... 

MAY 2012
Today I find JOY in...

Tues 5/1
354. Not allowing myself to go back to sleep (regardless of lack thereof) & getting some things done 
355. BLOOMS from the iris – finally! 

356. A finished basement - for tornado warning nights

Wed 5/2
357. Welcome to the country Ladies! And, YES, those are 2 mating frogs in the pool beside the big-as-your-hand spider. OH MY... what just swam into the drain?

358. What - my rhododendron bloomed already?

359. Sitting in the lovely fresh evening air talking with sweet, sweet girlfriends

Thurs 5/3
360. Lying on the ground to get the perfect angle for a pic... 
babies growing
1 Robin’s egg

361. College girls (giggly from a sleep deprived finals week) over for dinner
362. Mini Coopers operate just FINE on sidewalks… no further comment.
Fri 5/4
363. Giggles over the dinner guests & our conversation at last night’s dinner
364. Feeling God’s grace wash over me on a horribly rough day
365. Wishing Rachel Snitzer “Toi, Toi, Toi!” for Faust
Sat 5/5
366. Taco Night for Cinco de Mayo & laughing at my organizing tools!

367. Watching the SUPER MOON over the fields

368. Bonfire on a slightly cool evening (under the SUPER MOON)

Sun 5/6
369. Pinning a burden on the Cross – letting it go
370. Married people talking to one another – compliment given to us when we were observed together at a restaurant
371. Great afternoon at the Opera w/the LOML
Mon 5/7
372. Beady Baby Eyes

373. Busy Robin Mommy – 3 eggs now

374. Bunko, Jesus Trivia, DWTS & wonderful girlfriends

Tues 5/8
375. Seeing petite neighbor friend almost get pulled into a ditch by her Akita who heard a critter
376. Making a window sill into a sea side :)

377. Relaxing sunset w/favorite boy (the LOML) after a stressful day

Wed 5/9
378. God’s beauty and a Sanford & Sons back yard

379. First vase of peonies for the spring

380. Best seat in the place for leftover lunches

Thurs 5/10
381. Waving at firefighters w/Chris Sheets - even when they can't see us
382. Attempting to save a runaway donkey & pony who happened to love my YELLOW car!

383. A good vantage point from the ladder for photos :)

Fri 5/11
384. Country roads & the beginning of a new friendship
385. Hosanna! Hosanna! (Seriously, a poodle named HOSANNA!!)
386. Our favorite “watering hole” & walkabouts w/the LOML

Sat 5/12
387. Breakfast on the grill...

BEFORE... Sundresses, Smiles & SISTERS in Christ at Festival of Tables

388. Running for hugs (Jo Evans)
389. My mother’s books on tape! Oh my!!! (and Star Wars sheets)

 Sun 5/13 Mother’s Day
390. California Baptist University Choir & Orchestra – perfect illustration of submission to a leader for the greater goal
391. My Mother, My Mother-in-Law, and trusting that My Mothering will please God
392. Love from my children even the fur-baby

Mon 5/14
393. Snapdragons bloomed today – hooray!
394. Leftovers on a pretty plate

395. Admiring results of yesterday’s weeding frenzy w/my mom

Tues 5/15
396. quick paced morning walk w/Koko & Ruthanne
397. pretty weeds / as I’ve told my hubby, if we don’t get some more gravel soon, in addition to the lawn, we’re going to have to mow the driveway

398. a return house guest :)

Wed 5/16
399. Reading a good book… A well written book & dark, dark chocolate are very much the same to me... a balance of savoring the small bits & pieces and the incredible desire to gobble it in one luscious bite.

400. Lylah Rose flowers flourishing

401. Friendships from book club girlfriends

Thurs 5/17
402. baby robins… one…then two

403. meatless lunch – ‘cause the roast was TOO good the first time
404. farewell friend

Fri 5/18
405. photos while lying on the grass

406. outdoor offices

407. letting go of perfect – double centered rose

Sat 5/19
408. 3hrs of trimming shrubs &trees, pulling weeds & cutting fresh flowers Weeding, gardening, sunshine & fresh MINT from the garden

409. summer inventions

410. A fire in the summer

Sun 5/20
411. 2 ½ hour drive beside the LOML listening to SiriusXM The Message
412. Stained glass windows, towering ceilings & divine music
at the St Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption

413. Pizza, private tour of sub-basement of library...parent time w/Tyler

Mon 5/21
414. coffee on the swing, hummingbirds, baby birds learning to fly
415. mounds of clean unfolded laundry – needs to be folded & put away; but, I am thankful I have a washer & dryer
416. spaghetti sauce in the crockpot

Tues 5/22
417. Hubcaps, horse poop & HOME

418. God’s brilliant blooms – my love for perennials

419. r12 & the Riverwood Gang & Rigo’s

Wed 5/23
420. sharing stories of God’s faithfulness w/a new friend
421. friends who crack me up – “You lost me at ‘boston fern & finches’”
422. ladder in the kitchen, full sink & friends over

Thurs 5/24
423. allowing myself to take some time to “catch up”

424. getting an incredible amount of things done on a day where I felt like a jellyfish!
425. laundry that got done & put away in the same day (a rarity around here!)
Fri 5/25
426. cookies & coffee (makes the morning start out fun!!)
427. greeted by 1st day lily outside my window
428. stinky butterfly flowers
Sat 5/26
429. dried up paints - full of color & life
430. weeding made more fun w/polka dot boots!

431. home movie night w/popcorn
Sun 5/27
432. 1st movie out in ages w/the LOML
433. being the life of the party - even if only in my own mind
we were such fun that this
young person had to take a nap
434. forgiving in-laws - after i dump 3 taco's on the carpet :/
Mon 5/28 Memorial Day
435. hard soil (writing a post about this one)

436. a husband willing to fix a meal or two...
437. the joy from colors out my window

Tues 5/29
438. coffee in a thermos & cookies in ziploc baggies
439. eating the Word of God
440. sound of rain after a long time without

Wed 5/30
441. Productive multi-tasking in the morning
So thankful that my other children
don't lay on the pillows of the bed!
442. safe friendship, relaxed afternoon & saving a squirrel
443. clean bed linens after a long day 
Thurs 5/31
444. alarms on my phone - since I can't seem to remember things on my own
445. text "i love you mom & not just because you are buying me lunch"
446. windows that don't work & a husband who's willing to go out in the rain to help me get the window closed

AND THUS CONCLUDES MAY 2012 #1000Gifts #JoyDare 

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