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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

25 May 2012

January 2012 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS Joy Dare

January 2012 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare
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I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012... here we go for... 

January 2012
Today I find JOY in... 

Sun Jan 1
1. Cleaning house if I feel like it on a holiday... or not...
2. My hubby in a tux (even if it is a little too tight!!) 
3. 20+ year tradition of watching "When Harry Met Sally" on Jan 1st w/Bear

Mon Jan 2
4. Sitting beside my hubby in bed, sipping coffee until WAY TOO LATE on a holiday morning
5. Relaxed family traditions
6. Finally beating (although not by much) a "certain" friend at Words with Friends

Tues Jan 3
7. Being served breakfast in bed by my hubby
8. Finding MORE Christmas presents to give -- that I forgot to wrap
9. Making a favorite meal for the college student who's home

10. Using little kid wrapping paper STILL for our kids' birthday presents
11. Only the Christmas tree lights on & a fire in the fireplace
12. Knowing ALL my immediate family members are safely fast asleep in their beds here for THIS night :)

Thurs Jan 5
13. The tone my phone makes when someone RT's me
14. Moon rising over the neighboring eastern farms as the sun sets in the west
15. A 19-year old home for a night w/us (instead of out w/his peers)

Fri Jan 6
16. The cat purring so loudly that it sounds like chirping
17. Praying over a meal with a friend at a restaurant
18. Breakfast for supper - to use us the excess of bread & eggs :D
Sat Jan 7
19. Waking up late knowing that I don't have to go anywhere (it's winter)
20. Wearing PJ's all day & taking a shower at 6pm to put clean PJ's on
21. Silly shows on TV that my husband likes

Sun Jan 8
22. Sound of someone else putting up the clean dishes from the dishwasher
23. Getting together a "care package" for the son returning to college
24. Watching an old TV show w/my cool college kid :D
Mon Jan 9
25. Hearing my son & hubby talk about music
26. Christmas decorations still hanging up in the dorm room in early January
27. son's dry-erase board Mona Lisa on his dorm room door

Tues Jan 10
28. Jet trails in the sky all day long - probably people returning after the holidays
29. Laughing at what neighbors probably think of the lady next door who always walks around taking pictures
30. Clean sheets on the bed, a shower & clean jammies!!!

Wed Jan 11
31. A birthday lunch w/a place saved for the "brother away at college"
32. Wearing sweat pants & sequins to my WomMinLeadTeam meeting
33. Girlfriends who feel like sisters... and sisters who feel like girlfriends
34. Making a valiant attempt at a Dancing With The Stars workout DVD - hilarious!
35A sunbathing kitty :)
36. 56 degrees out in early JANUARY!!!
37. Not getting yelled at for maybe gaining a few too many pounds over the last year
38. Pulling out all the old exercise DVD's
39. Quickly putting on make-up just before my hubby gets home from work at 7pm!
40. Getting the TEAL bowl & plate at GMBev's house
41. Feeling comfortable to fall asleep while at my in-laws :)
42. Slightly inappropriate texts from my husband (no pics)
43. Panera's Cinnamon Crunch bagels that are bread sliced & hidden from my family
44. Getting mail that says your annual medical tests came back fine
45. Sweet texts from girlfriends... the kind of texts that make your eyes fill up
46. 5 degrees out a few days after it was 56
47. White chicken chili in the crockpot
48. A game of Checkers by the fireplace while it's FREEZING outside
49. Pictures that just "appear" on Facebook that bring you back to a wonderful place in time
50. The ringtone I have set for my BFFHeiter
51. The willingness of my husband, after all these years, to pose for pics w/me
52. Walking outside in jammies (again) to catch a shot of the rising sun over rfosted lawn
53. towering, leafless shagbark hickory tree against a blazing sunset sky
54. Sound of a coyote in a distant field at night
55. An accidental "theft"... seriously, I didn't mean to take that!!
56. The friendly horse along my country road when I walk 
57. The Christmas tree still up w/lights sparking on a JANUARY snowy day (winter blues)
58. Running onto the front porch barefoot & in jammies to take a picture of the snowglobe yard
59. The life of a cat :)
60. Attending a concert at high school and loving my "not-for-real" but "feel-like-my-own" kids
61. The songs that follow each other when I hit "Shuffle" on my iPod
62. Unexpected beauty on the side of a country road
63. Sitting on the porch outside to "cool off" after a vigorous walk
64. Winter walkabouts that make me forget that I don't like leaving my house in the winter :)   aka... Fleeing the county on foot!
65. Sound of snow crunching under my feet - when it seems that everyone else is inside today
66. The fact that my husband puts up with me wanting the Christmas lights up until spring 
67. Knowing where my son is... right now
68. Leftover food remade into a totally NEW meal
69. Friendships intentionally built with strangers over the years!   
70. Thursdays - and working on the Worship Arts notes
71. Thursdays - and catching up with my accountability partner of 15 years!!
72. Thursdays - and NCIS w/my hubby (Mark Harman - mmmmm)
73. $5 Bus rides  (from Fishers to  Superbowl Village) paid for by 2 one's and $2.38 worth of loose change scrounged up all over the house!!
74. Smacking Shaq on the "fanny" at the taping of Jimmy Fallon

75. The view from my hubby's office at night

76. Leftovers from Bonge's
77. A Superbowl Party... in our family room
that was FLOODED for Christmas break... not now

78. Answered prayer in the form of a baby boy!

(Memaw's little Chase)
Fri Jan 27
79. Being told I'm the best mom in the world - even if just because I brushed snow off a car in the morning
80. A piece of sun... on a cold day
81. A worn out bear from 23 years ago
Sat Jan 28
82. Handprints on the fridge
83. Sun peeking through distant snow clouds
84. Remnants of the dusting of snow
Sun Jan 29
85. Looking through old pics & remembering good times
86. Encouraging things that young people say to each other on Twitter/Facebook
87. A heated water bed when the heat goes out
Mon Jan 30
88. FREE emergency HVAC visits
89. Sunny days when the heat isn't working yet
90. Gas fireplaces - two of them... what a dream!!

Tues Jan 31
91. $20 boots from Marshall's
92. Long sweaters that cover too many months of not exercising regularly
93. Skinny jeans that are fitting better these days


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