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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

05 August 2013


JULY 2013 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012...
and now I'm on the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2013... 
my format now is a bit more simpler than before though...

Today I find JOY in...

7/1/13 Mon
1623. not working outside of the home - i really needed a SLEEP day today!
1624. searching, seeking for answers
hearing nothing -- yet believing I will!
1625. hubby dinner for me

7/2/13 Tues
1626. great devotions & quotes:
"No matter our circumstances, it's never too late to be free." from @Proverbs31org
1627. living vicariously through a friend
my friend, K, just completed
a portion of the Voyage of Elsa
& captured this beautiful shot
1628. His great promises!
With my soul I have desired You in the night, Yes, by my spirit within me I will seek You early;
For when Your judgments are in the earth,
The inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness.
Isaiah 26:9

7/3/13 Wed
1629. ready for a LONG weekend
starting the party w/Cheerwine
1630. sunset & our fields :)

1631. 3rd yr to watch fireworks from our backyard
with the LOML (heart)

7/4/13 Thurs - 4th of JULY & Half-Birthday of J
1632. traditions
SEVENTH YEAR for T to walk w/the
Marching Highlanders in the 4th of July Parade
4 as student; 1 as super senior & 2 as staff
1633. family time outside
7/5/13 Fri
1635. foggy mornings when you don't have to go anywhere

1636. recounting blessings from the past days

1637. chicken under a brick

7/6/13 Sat
1638. play time w/a sweet gift from God

1639. in the words of the LOML: the weeds that grown in our yard

1640. watching fireflies come out to cover the fields & lawn

7/7/13 Sun
1641. wonderful worship & teaching at MPC
1642. options

1643. walking country roads

7/8/13 Mon
1644. bright eyes

1645. sweet tea break by the pool
1646. a little pool friend

7/9/13 Tues
1647. sleeping & coping w/something
I'm very thankful that God gives me rest in sleep sometimes especially!
1648. play date for A&G and time together for friends
1649. late night - feels so good to be home

7/10/13 Wed
1650. relaxing visit with Chelsea
1651. big storm but... no damage to cars, house or pole barn

1652. gorgeous sunset after a very crazy storm earlier

7/11/13 Thurs (3 gifts in jars)
1653. Old buttons that my grandmother started collecting when she was a child. 
1654. Homemade jelly from a friend's orchard. 
1655. My body - a reminder of God's power. "But we have this treasure in earthen JARS, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us."  II Corinthians 4:7 NKJV
BONUS: Beauty after a storm:

7/12/13 Fri
1656. worship arts note done by noon
1657. first time on float in pool for the summer - Wha-What!?!?!

1658. MPC softball game - Team A victory over Team B... Then Dairy Queen :)

7/13/13 Sat
1659. Chelsea, A & J being here
1660. Holding A for 2hrs for her nap :)
1661. Date night with the LOML!

7/14/13 Sun
1662. joy of having both my kid with me at church!
1663. harvesting 1st batch of bush beans
the lime shows perspective :)
1664. relaxing evening

7/15/13 Mon
1665. a little Monday weeding
1666. half-birthday eve at BFFClub
1667. in the words of the LOML...
"That's about as good as a green bean can get!"
7/16/13 Tues 6 Months Old
1668. love eyes

1669. God keeping my mouth shut when I really want to scream,
Sometimes things happen in your life
and you just have to scream,OUCH!
1670. 2 girls sleeping safely in our home tonight

7/17/13 Wed
1671. so many wonderful prayer partner friends!
1672. peace that passes ALL understanding - in times of uncertainty & fear

1673. a visit from my mom 

7/18/13 Thurs
1674. the smell of a baby when kissed in the morning :)
1675. doors left wide open all day
opened doors in other areas
1676. family night in the pool

7/19/13 Fri
1677. talk of a new start - well, kind of
1678. visiting BFFH at her job
I know people in high places.
Don't mess with me - LOL!
1679. church fast pitch softball

7/20/13 Sat
1680. new chapter in our lives complete with MORNING KISSES
1681. thankful for location of this home
away from town!!
1682. prayer warriors

7/21/13 Sun
1683. shorter church drive than in recent months!
1684. music in the park

1685. ice cream for dinner (okay, dessert... but a BIG bowl!!)

7/22/13 Mon

1687. BFF Club community = priceless
1688. Sun's going down, cicadas are singing & fireflies are beginning to cover the soybean field and distant corn all bathed by an orange moon!!

7/23/13 Tues
1689. $5 times 140 = WHAT?
1690. a helper as I work on the WomMin note

1691. praying for my girlfriends & their Strip Club Theology :)

7/24/13 Wed
1692. 1st strawberry

1693. Never say never when you are open to how God wants to use you!
His ways are not our ways!
1694. cool evening air

7/25/13 Thurs
1695. manners
When she politely asks,
"DeeDee, may I please sit on the kitchen table by the pretty lillies for a picture?"
What can I say except,
"Well, of course you may sweet Ayla!!"
1696. trying to provide for someone who doesn't help at all
1697. ending one life style to attempt to live a healthier, happier life

7/26/13 Fri
1698. Weiner vs Paula Dean
Sometimes it seems to me like the world's becoming more & more tolerant of views & opinions but, at the same time, walking further & further away from the concept of grace & forgiveness when views differ. I'm probably going to have to write a blog post about those thoughts.
1700. my Grandma's lamp

7/27/13 Sat
1701. sleeping in - well kinda
(we've had a change in our schedules now that our FAMILY has grown by 2)
1702. little photo shoot w/A
1703. late afternoon sun, pizza party, yard work

7/28/13 Sun
1704. music - sometimes it's the only thing that speaks God to me
1705. botched date night - trusting that something good will come out of that... trusting :/

7/29/13 Mon
1707. early morning blog work!!
1708. great quotes:
“The secret to joy — is to keep seeking God where you doubt He is.”
via Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts
1709. visiting w/Aunt T from FL after BFFClub
BFF Club stats: 16 pounds, 13.5 ounces; 25.5 inches
7/30/13 Tues
1710. classical music played for both of my children (in utero & as they grew up)
being played for my 1st grandchild
1711. pink lint in the dryer screen
love doing baby laundry for A
1712. comforting a tearful young lady
being hopeful in what seems to be a hopeless situation

7/31/13 Wed
1713. texting w/LRose & sharing scriptures
1714. hard decisions made by a worn out young person
1715. Ice Cream Social for the AHS Marching Highlanders

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