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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

25 March 2013

2013 March ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

MARCH 2013 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2013... and I am already to number... 

Today I find JOY in...

Fri 3/01
1258. working on the Worship Arts note - always brings me peace
1259. the promises found in a song based upon God's Word:

1260. early to bed for a big day tomorrow

Sat 3/02
1261. brunch at Cheri's

1262. seeing Debba's new place
(with Tyler & Kelsey along)
1263. Mahler 3 at CCM... and everything that went with it!

Sun 3/03
1264. cousins at church

1265. Sunday afternoon drive through Mounds State Park
1266. Indiana sunsets 

Mon 3/04
1267. early morning thoughts of God's love
1268. feeling grouchy - but, not being grouchy with my NK kids
1269. cousin crazy conversations - lots of laughter - over plates of spaghetti

Tues 3/05
1270. my little family of kids on the NorthKids van - so entertaining!
1271. HOME SWEET HOME as the snow storm bares down on us
1272. anguishing times, yet prayer partners to join in & knowing that God is GOOD

Wed 3/06
1273. snow day

1274. baby birds at the bird feeder
(well, ones who look like they just hatched this past spring)

1275. holding hands & praying w/the LOML - especially tonight

Thurs 3/07
1276. FaceTiming w/Ayla & PapaBear
(and him playing peek-a-boo)
1277. the rooster perching on the monastery door stoop next door!

1278. pink lint from the dryer & a pile of tiny little clothes

Fri 3/08
1279. the yearning to write my thoughts from my heart
1280. changing my Facebook status to please one of my little 8 yr-olds
"Just sitting here working with my favorite person... Sierra ♥"
1281. my husband... the TURKEY...
teasing me & bringing a smile to my heart at the same time!

Sat 3/09
1282. planning a fun day with our girls
1283. GreatGrandma WeeWee

1284. showchoir with Jess & Ayla

Sun 3/10
1285. short night - early drive - church in our HOME CHURCH!
1286. long naps
(which Ayla began in church this morning)

1287. a relaxed evening at home

Mon 3/11
1288. 1st morning thoughts... of God
1289. Ayla's stats from BFF Club tonight... 
11 lbs & 5 oz... 23" 
She'll be 8 weeks old on Wednesday. 
She's simply amazing :)

1290. "Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant." ~ Deepak Chopra // Pretty sure this was first said by God... just sayin' :)

Tues 3/12
1291. SiriusXM radio - free lifetime subscription with my CAR!!!
Now try quickly saying that 3 times in a row! 
1292. frustrating day at work - yet knowing that GOD is in it!
1293. the LOML cooking dinner for me :)

Wed 3/13
1294. feeling very lazy, unproductive & overly SOCIAL this morning :)
1295. bird feeder wars

1296. having WiFi & getting to hold Ayla while her mom does homework

Thurs 3/14
1297. the hours before work - love them
1298. the hours at work - don't always love them 
but, I always KNOW that God's hand is upon those hours
1299. #tbt
Ahhhh... the memories
of that one in the middle :)

Fri 3/15
1300. Facebook & Twitter friends joining with us in prayer about selling our other house!
1301. getting the house ready for two young people we adore!
1302. Tyler & Kelsey here safely

Sat 3/16
1303. haircuts & photobombs

1304. pajama day

1305. trusting in Him when it seems especially hard to trust anything 

Sun 3/17 St. Patrick's Day
1306. waking up with a baby in the house
1307. Bumbo seats :)

1308. home-made pop corn with REAL butter :)

Mon 3/18
1309. morning writing
1310. college students who sleep in past noon without a care 
- well, for this week, at least :)
1311. Aunt Candice!

Tues 3/19
1312. early drive to work for J & A
cows in the corn - signs of spring :)
1313. Aunt Candice again & again & again :)
1314. on the way to being friends

Wed 3/20
1315. sunrise & promises of the day in Him

1316. trusting that God will guide our Senior Pastor
1317. elementary children
jumping for the flag...
always very entertaining :)
Thurs 3/21
1318. driving by my favorite barn - seems to be losing to the weather these days!

1319. Baby BearCat!

1320. time with Tyler & Kelsey this week!

Fri 3/22
1321. being ready for a trip 16 minutes ahead of schedule
(watch out, this could me the END is near!)

1322. music while riding for 5 hrs in a car = Sabbath for me!
1323. early night due to peace that passes all understanding

Sat 3/23
1324. 6 people in one car having a wonderful time together
1325. a happy for me from Franklin, TN

1326. friendships that cross the miles

Sun 3/24
1327. breakfast with friends who feel like family
1328. safe travels (Nashville, TN to "stuckinindiana" via Cincinnati, OH)
1329. date night w/the LOML (big heart smile!!!)

Mon 3/25
1330. 7-10 inches of snow & not being needed at work
1331. writing while listening to music
1332. snow day & a roast in the crockpot!

Tues 3/26
1333. baby smiles
1334. driving home from work before the sun sets
1335. holding hands &; praying w/the LOML

Wed 3/27
the LOML's birthday
1336. pre-scheduled tweets for the LOML's birthday :)
1337. thinking about the LOML even MORE than usual today!!
1338. Bonge's & celebrating the LOML

Thurs 3/28
Maundy Thursday
1339. Thursday mornings with Ayla
1340. $1 tights at Marshall's = SCORE
1341. relaxed evening w/the LOML

Fri 3/29
Good Friday
1342. pajama day - well, the morning
1343. new songs & videos for Worship Arts note

Sat 3/30
1345. eggs & bacon served to me in bed by the LOML
1346. lots of pruning & yardwork
1347. date night :)

Sun 3/31
He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!
1348. wonderful fellowship at church
1349. quick photo shoot in afternoon
1350. celebrating the Little's FIRST EASTER

MARCH 2013 #1000Gifts #JoyDare

MARCH 2013
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

Buy book here...      

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