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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

01 May 2014

2014 April ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

APRIL 2014 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012...
I continued in 2013...
I'm now into 2014! 

Today I find JOY in...

4/1/14 Tues
2444. gradually de-wintering the inside house decor
2445. rocking a sleeping baby while listening to great lyrics & music by Fernando Ortega 

4/2/14 Wed
2446. Everybody just needs a little PEACE, LOVE & UNDERSTANDING
I love the hand-me-downs we have gotten for our little one!

2447. a husband who cooks dinner (quite often lately)
2448. chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven
and a glass of cold milk :)

4/3/14 Thurs
2449. reminders in music
Little is Much When God is In It
2450. comforting a baby who's teething...
and not napping :/
2451. my bed - I am worn out

4/4/14 Fri 
2452. morning scriptures
Lamentations 3:23 - what a promise!
2453. loving deeply - even when it's not easy
2454. pizza party - reminders of when the kids were small :)

4/5/14 Sat
2455. the uplifting feeling of... anticipation of celebration
2456. the most incredible celebration of our daughter

2457. high heels at a great party

4/6/14 Sun
2458. time with family
2459. a long Sunday nap - a rarity these days too
2460. reminders that God has won ALL battles
This is one of my favorite shots... NO FILTER AT ALL...
God totally filtered the sunset like that through the haze of newly harvested soybean fields.

4/7/14 Mon
2461. big breakfasts :)

2462. green grass - it's starting to grow 
2463. chillin' with the family & watching DWTS :)

4/8/14 Tues
2464. a morning nap which got rid of a 36-hour headache 
2465. chicken salad with craisins & toasted pecans
2466. a dishwasher - so glad I don't have to do them ALL by hand!

4/9/14 Wed
2467. books all over the great room floor - 14-month olds love books!

2468. all the family art in our home

2469. early to bed

4/10/14 Thurs
2470. fresh WARM air :)
2471. Dilly Bars
there should really be a confess-all post about these some day!
2472. stubbornly claiming that we will see good in a certain situation

4/11/14 Fri
2473. intensely dark chocolate
2474. the struggle within
... dichotomy...
2475. best Friday night in... oh... so... very... long!!!

4/12/14 Sat
2476. wounds that are healing
2477. a supportive LOML
2478. a CHECK in my spirit about my general ATTITUDE lately -
not fun at all... but, OH SO NECESSARY!

4/13/14 Sun
2479. the beginning of Holy Week & all the emotions... and gratitude
2480. a Catholic church on Palm Sunday afternoon

2481. pride of a MOMMA - our son's girlfriend playing one of his original compositions!
I don't understand this...
but, it was beautiful!
4/14/14 Mon
2482. a rainy day

2483. texting!
it really helps me stay in touch!!
2484. Dueling Divas :)

4/15/14 Tues
2485. snow on the ground... too cold for 4/15... still beautiful

2486. making it - despite my depression - to RefresHer Bible Study!
2487. confusing answers to prayer

4/16/14 Wed
2488. helping teach independence
(can be hard on the teacher & the student... but, it's necessary & noble)

2489. the ideas I come up with when talking with my older sister on the phone make me SMILE!!!  For example, I thought of this...
"Working on a post for my StuckInIndiana blog today... "Jesus Loves the Simple Minded" Will publish when I get the perfect picture. Shouldn't be long!"
2490. dancing

4/17/14 Thurs
2491. a morning which felt peaceful & productive all at the same time :)
2492. my silly 3rd grade self
I have no idea what he did...
but, it MUST have been really bad
for me to deface his pic like that!!
2493. sticks & stones with little "A"
Here DeeDee... I have a stick for you
4/18/14 Fri
2494. counting

2495. moments which will be memories
2496. Good Friday observation
great service led by Alanna Story

4/19/14 Sat
2498. Rustic beauty along my walk... never disappoints... always draws my mind to God. This is my Father's world! Spotted a crawdad today -- totally grossed out Jessica - ha ha!!

2499. a few hours alone in the house -- very rare

4/20/14 EASTER SUNDAY!!!
2500. celebration with my church family
2501. first Easter egg hunt w/baby A

2502. to die for... homemade almond, vanilla bean cheese cake w/FRESH raspberries

4/21/14 Mon
2503. waking up with the thought...
His Resurrection is as real this moment as it was that very day!!!
Our sunrise was a little bland but... my friend captured a great picture this morning.
It looked to me like an angel who is reminding us that
Christ's resurrection is as real this morning as it was the very morning it happened!

2504. putting pics on Facebook that I would rather not but, feel that I should
2505. Ann's post about being Resurrection People
4/22/14 Tues
2507. walk-about with Ruthann & Koko... and Ayla
2508. hot dogs from the grill - summer is getting closer :)

4/23/14 Wed
2509. earlier time for a walk-about
temps in the low 40's - but, beautifully sunny! 
2510. some serious yard work accomplished
2511. peace, love & understanding... a little one in a PEACE shirt :)

4/24/14 Thurs
2512. hitting the "TO DO LIST" hard
2513. Christian sisters who share each other's burdens
2514. the weather turning a corner - finally!!!

4/25/14 Fri
2515. God's faithfulness - especially in the CRAZY times!
2516. lots of organizing & cleaning AND a little music

2517. safe trip home for T & K 

4/26/14 Sat
2519. a boy, a baby & Bach

2520. the little things which bring family together

4/27/14 Sun
2521. Sunday afternoon nap for our little one for THREE HOURS!!!
2522. in-laws who are ethical, have GREAT values & love the Lord
2523. family movie night - happy to have our 2 UC-CCM kids here :)
Sitting on the laps of Uncle T & Aunt K
and watching FROZEN for the first time!
4/28/14 Mon
2524. centering my life & God's PERFECT ART
"Your love relationship with God \
prepares you to be involved in His work
by developing in you a God-centered life."
Experiencing God. Henry Blackaby
2525. the power of words - the power of truth

2526. hard, long day - glad that tomorrow is a new day :)

4/29/14 Tues
2527. being stuck by a train for over 30 minutes & actually reading my lesson before Bible study
reminded that I AM DRESSED TO KILL
by my Lord when it comes to satan!
2528. killer colors - which ONLY GOD can do!

2529. news of a 4.0 this semester for our son
this has been a LONG journey - since, in my opinion, his spirit was broken by a cruel 4th grade teacher!!

4/30/14 Wed
2530. a collapsible play pen which follows me around the house as I clean :)
complete with 15-month old baby girl :)
2531. news of a 4.0 this semester for our son's girlfriend
oh... THAT journey!

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