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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

30 July 2013


MAY 2013 
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

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I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012...
and now I'm on the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2013... 
my format now is a bit more simpler than before though...

Today I find JOY in...

5/1/13 Wed
1440. breakfast smoothies on the porch for T&K
1441. walk about on K's last day here

1442. safe flight for K

5/2/13 Thurs
1443. volunteering
it's not always roses - but, I feel God in it
1444. leaving work early to see Jillia in a play!!
1445. sister friends

5/3/13 Fri
1446. waking up smiling about the girlfriend fun I had last night
1447. getting to know other believers through Twitter
1448. so glad it's FRIDAY!!!

5/4/13 Sat
1449. laundry w/a little helper
1450. Derby hats

1451. old James Bond 007 movie w/the LOML

5/5/13 Sun

1452. wonderful family feeling at church
1453. Ruffles, sequins & lilacs  Sunday afternoon at DeeDee's house! 

1454. beside the LOML & sleeping through a golf match

5/6/13 Mon

1455. walking around the yard & counting blossoms :)
1456. sunshine on my face
1457. WQME - great songs, just when I need them

5/7/13 Tues
1458. celebrating a sister-friend KSM on her birthday
1459. dandelion crowns

1460. Tozer quotes:

"All great Christians have been wounded souls." ~ AWTozer

5/8/13 Wed

1461. lunch w/KSM - remembering Rose 
1462. baby snoring - bahahaha!
1463. getting to know some of the NK parents better

5/9/13 Thurs
1464. morning exercise

1465. the back porch swing

1466. tummy time

5/10/13 Fri
1467. crying out to the Lord - 
and hanging on to trust!
1468. Miss Frizzle's seating chart
(getting a chance to show Christ's love daily to these kids!)

1469. heavy, heavy lilacs

5/11/13 Sat
1470. waking up way too early for a Saturday
but reading :)
1471. great quotes: 
“If we ignore the yearnings of our souls, we atrophy and our dreams die.” ~ Rebekah Lyons
1472. excited about tomorrow - J's 1st Mother's Day

5/12/13 Sun MOTHER'S DAY

1473. church w/ALL my kids
1474. opera w/the LOML

1475. a country drive (in my neighborhood!)

5/13/13 Mon
1476. gorgeous mist over the fields
1477. not a bad day at work - hooray!
1478. BFF club - so nice to have that time w/my girls

5/14/13 Tues
1479. 10,000 Reasons :)
1480. supporting Dove Harbor

1481. reminders of my children at night
Candle from T
Candle holder made by J

5/15/13 Wed
1482. beautiful morning
1483. lunch at w/BFFH - she's wonderful!
1484. allergies better w/med's

5/16/13 Thurs

1485. 4-month birthday celebration - LOL
1486. my sense of humor on Twitter:

I donned a bright colorful sweater and my new scarf from Target
,,, POURED myself into my capris and headed to work.

1487. tomorrow is Friday

5/17/13 Fri
1488. monastery morning views

1489. hitting the pavement

1490. a Bumbo, a bear & a baby

5/18/13 Sat
1491. 1st iris bloom of 2013

1492. my boys opening the pool


5/19/13 Sun
1494. family Sunday :)
1495. hard work in the yard this weekend

1496. enjoying a long, hot shower after working so hard

5/20/13 Mon
1497. answered prayers for A's ear infection
1498. drinking on the job
Work days are so much better when I'm drinking.
LOVE my North Carolina roots!!
1499. sharing friends

5/21/13 Tues

1500. cool, cool breeze & hot, hot sun
1501. explaining Cheerwine to friends
1502. prayer shared over Twitter for our world

5/22/13 Wed
1503. coffee on the front porch when it rains
while waiting to go for a walk!!

1504. seasons shown at a favorite picture spot

1505. the Kraft Zesty Italian guy - 

yes, I said that :)

5/23/13 Thurs

1506. baby corn nearby :)

1507. seeing beauty in the ugly

1508. enjoying the clouds over the fields

5/24/13 Fri

1509. 1st trip w/J&A to my mom's house
aka GGWeeWee

1510. peaceful moments in the arms of her mom

1511. sleeping well - even if on a couch :)

5/25/13 Sat

1512. generations
4th generation of women
to sit on this quilt made
by my Great-Great Grandmother
1513. my mom being SO happy to have us there 
1514. laughing w/J on the car ride

5/26/13 Sun
1515. flat tire for my mother-in-law equaled
a Sunday dinner invite from her!
1516. sunny afternoon

1517. setting things up on the patio &

watching the POOL BOY aka the LOML!

5/27/13 Mon MEMORIAL DAY
1518. an overnight guest
PapaBear, Words w/Friends, Coffee
and LOVE!
1519. focusing on the flowers & not the distant storm

1520. offering bread & cup in love

5/28/13 Tues

1521. being worn out after a full weekend
1522. Little is Much... When God is In It
a great reminder
1523. great advice from a friend who's been there:
just love her where she is... it's her journey

5/29/13 Wed

1524. soliciting for FEMALE Words with Friends friends via Twitter
1525. playing catch up after a fun long weekend
1526. friends who pray for me!

5/30/13 Thurs
1527. yardwork

1528. more yardwork

1529. resting, relaxing & enjoying the labors of my yardwork today!

5/31/13 Fri
1530. artwork on the 'frig once again

1531. hiding places for rainy days - 
both literally & figuratively

1532. friends who feel like family

& family who feel like friends 

I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2012 & 2013... click on the links below for specific months...

1000 Gifts 4/13
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2013 April ONE THOUSAND GIFTS #JoyDare

APRIL 2013
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare

Buy book here...

I've taken the 1,000 Gifts Dare for 2013... and I am already to number...

Today I find JOY in...

 Mon 4/01
1350b. a quiet morning after a full weekend
1351. looking through ALL my Easter pictures of A

1352. Infant CPR training for A's Mommy & DeeDee

Tues 4/02
1353. walkabouts never cease to please
1354. still stuck on Easter songs!!
1355. claiming promises - even in the hard times

Wed 4/03
1356. thinking about girlfriends
1357. farm fresh eggs
1358. a funny husband (aka the LOML)

Thurs 4/04
1359. Lazy mornings

Morning nap for A; AU class for Mommy
One handed texting & posting for DeeDee
1360. in the mood for hiking in the mountains
1361. cool temps - refreshing but, seriously

haven't we ha enough??

Fri 4/05
1362. frozen fruit & the hope of summer

1363. feeling a bit of a sore throat - ice cream therapy
1364. sunset on the back porch swing w/the LOML

Sat 4/06
1365. woke up w/horrible sore throat -

opportunity for ice cream :)
1366. understanding husband

since nothing is being done around here by me!
1367. early night under blankets

Sun 4/07
1368. missed church but, listened to awesome music
1369. milkshake for lunch
1370. beauty in pain

horrible sore throat made better
by a beautiful sunset
Mon 4/08
1371. feel like I'm gonna die -

thankful I know my name is written in The Book!
1372. 2pm doctor's appointment

at least I have a diagnosis -- strep :/
1373. dropped my keys into my vanilla Frosty 

what a HOOT!

Tues 4/09
1374. missing A - so looking through pics of her
1375. new view from the patio

1376. on antibiotics - have to feel better soon

Wed 4/10
1377. Day 5 of strep throat - finally a little hungry!
Day 2 of Cheerwine &
homemade chicken soup for lunch
1378. thankful Smith family is okay -
in spite of their house fire
1379. sharing with my Miss Frizzle bus kids
about the power of prayer!

Thurs 4/11
1380. morning devotions

I read about 5-6 via email
there's always ONE that touches my hear!!
1381. the flag jump

1382. 9 year old girls & fashion

It cracked me UP that the taller girl
who caught the flag was wearing
red, white & blue :)
Fri 4/12
1383. ran over my car keys - after they fell

off the roof of the car where I left them!
1384. cold weather for Spring Break for T&K :(

But, that does mean fires in the fireplace
1385. being distracted by mating mourning doves

while writing the Worship Arts note -- oh my!

Sat 4/13
1385. Early morning hugs

1386. starting the garden - but was it ever COLD

1387. Dinner Dance at Winchester

awwwwe - it's US watchin' THEM (hearts)
Sun 4/14
1389. Alanna Story at church :)
1390. Sunday afternoon nap - much needed
1391. quick visit from A&J - pre-tax day

Mon 4/15
1392. no lights between our house 
& my afternoon job - varoooom!!
1393. hugs from kids who don't get many at home
1394. hand-me-downs (A in T's sleep sack)

Tues 4/16
1395. early morning walk
1396. accompanying a loved child

but, NOT happy about why 
1397. totally worn out so, early nap... 

Wed 4/17
1398. waking up at 3:30am :/ equated to sleeping later in the day!!
1399. praying for the BOHO team as they prayer walk a new club
1400. play date w/G

2nd date w/G
Thurs 4/18
1401. Bradford Pear - hints of warm

1402. my drive to work

the spring winds have taken a
toll on the old barn :(
1403. date night w/the LOML

Fri 4/19
1404. waking up to the song,

"Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go"
1405. the softer side of the LOML

1406. Art's Pizza to celebrate

6 month anniversary of T&K

Sat 4/20
1407. early coffee in bed with the LOML
1408. a bag of thistle seed

1409. pruning 'til the sun goes down

finally a warmer day to work outside

Sun 4/21
1410. trying on bunny suit that A's mommy wore herself

1411. baby bunny by shagbark hickory tree

1412. 3 months old & rolling over :)

Mon 4/22
1413. thinking about J's high school soccer days

as I wear an old team spirit shirt
1414. walkabout time - always a blessing
1415. relationship with the Breast Feeding Support Group

even though I'm the GLAMparent
BFF stats tonight 13lbs 1.5oz & 24 1/2"
Tues 4/23
1416. Nora Jones & other old mellow songs
1417. rainy day naps

1418. simple suppers

Wed 4/24
1419. a safe home w/a loving husband
1420. claiming good from what looks like there could be no good
1421. my adopted band & choir kids --

years later :)

Thurs 4/25
1422. visiting friends while J was in class

1423. after 3+ months - finally the courage

to be in the same room with baby!

1424. great season of prayer today

just me & God :)

Fri 4/26
1425. walking country roads

& meeting the kids out running

1426. mean parents who don't let

their children have TV's in their bedrooms
(apparently K's parents are mean like us!!)
1427. helping the neighbors

Sat 4/27
1428. donuts for breakfast

in the fort at the old house

1429. garage sale treasures
1430. a warm spot on a cool evening

Sun 4/28
1431. waiting for the orchestra to start

this girl loves worship!
1432. having T&K here on an Orchestra Sunday
1433. Sunday nap - so, so, so needed today!

Mon 4/29
1434. a favorite photo stop on my walkabouts!

1435. dental visit - could have been worse!
1436. BFF Club via Community Hospital = 
new "community" for J

Tues 4/30
1437. fun, fun photo shoot for A!
1438. the love of music - our family; our friends :)

1439. dance partners

so thankful that T found such a great friend in K

APRIL 2013 #1000Gifts #JoyDare

APRIL 2013
One Thousand Gifts (by Ann Voskamp)
#1000Gifts #JoyDare