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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

29 February 2016

I Don't Belong Here

Linking up with the Tuesday at Ten group... the prompt word... BELONG

I spent a big part of my life wanting to be free of bonds which "tied" me to anyone or anything. I managed to convince myself that I was only safe when on my own. I had come to believe that once another knew the real me that I would not be loved or respected. I sabotaged relationships that seemed to be getting inside my head and heart. I'd convinced myself that no relationship was lasting

22 February 2016

Who Takes Care of Whom?

Linking with the Tuesday at Ten group today... the prompt word... CARE

Do you have an intense "need" to feel as though you're caring well for others? In my early to mid-twenties, I poured myself into others with everything I could. I gave to others & cared for others so much that I began to feel I was running out of anything to give. A fellow co-worker and mentor who was in her early 40's (whom at the time I thought was really old) gave me some advice. 

She told me that I would never be able to

15 February 2016

WHEN... When You're NOT So Lovable...

Linking up with the Tuesday at Ten Writing group for the week of Feb 9-15... The writing prompt... WHEN

Have you gotten to the age yet where you look back at yourself in your younger days & wonder, "Why did anyone love me? I was not very lovable back then!" Honestly, there were times when I tried not to be lovable. I wanted to distance myself from others and feed the voice inside that said I was unworthy of love.

Part of youth and part of maturing involves making a lot of mistakes... some by omission and some by co-mission. While we are making those mistakes and poor choices, we are watching others around us make their own. The trick is to

12 February 2016

2016 February 1of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

Three Gifts A Day: FEBRUARY 2016
Based on the book, One Thousand Gifts, (by Ann Voskamp) #1000Gifts #JoyDare
I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012... continued in 2013... and 2014... and 2015. HELLO 2016!!! GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS...

February 2016 - 1 of 3

Mon 2-1
4360 two cups of coffee - much needed

pic source
4361 good biopsy results!
Thanks so much friends for the prayers for our daughter. She met with her doctor today and, the biopsy results came back normal - no cancer or pre-cancerous cells. 
4362 celebratory family

07 February 2016

2016 January 3of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

Three Gifts A Day: JANUARY 2016

Based on the book, One Thousand Gifts, (by Ann Voskamp) #1000Gifts #JoyDare
I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012... continued in 2013... and 2014... and 2015. HELLO 2016!!! GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS...

January 2016... 3 of 3

Thurs 1-21
4327 sticking together for warmth - the Golden Comets had to do that this morning

4328 beauty in the ice, snow & sun do you see that SPARKLE :D
4329 the goofy LOML - wanted dinner so badly that he couldn't totally change out of business clothes

Fri 1-22
4330 watch KLG with the firstborn without interruptions
4331 bleaching everything
4332 a relaxed night at home

Sat 1-23
4333 coffee in bed with the LOML
4334 a hard working life mate - even on weekends
4335 cheap home dates that are usually more fun than going somewhere

Sun 1-24
4336 waking up with a pony in the bed - Little Ones have ALL the FUN!
4337 after church afternoon chores
4338 family - SO BLESSED

Mon 1-25 no internet today
4339 always being at the beach - an early morning reminder!!

4340 humor that's too close to home
4341 making fun of fans of The Bachelor

Tues 1-26
4342 the blessing of true friends
4343 hard, hard, hard work 
(otherwise known as finally getting both cars BACK into the garage)
4344 the look of shock on the LOML's face when he drove into the garage when he got home!!!!!

Wed 1-27
4345 having internet back - I do enjoy my internet connection to the rest of the world
4346 not having to go out somewhere to do my laundry - what a blessing to have a washer & dryer right in my home!!!
4347 leftovers that we all love = no cook night

Thurs 1-28
4348 living in a broken world

4349 killer clouds - sure wish they'd stuck around for sunset!!
4350 celebrating our firstborn - 26th birthday (which was on 1/4) and new job offer for her today!

Fri 1-29
4351 omelettes with sauteed mushrooms from BONGE'S... yummy!

4352 a piece of sun while doing chores
4353 watching "Brave" with 2 of my favorite red-haired girls

Sat 1-30 gorgeous sunny day with mild temps
4354 working in the chicken run - new caulking and chicken wire roof raised!!!
4355 the Little sitting on her PapaBear's lap as he drives the truck on the property picking up fallen sticks and limbs
4356 yummy dinner after a hard day

Sun 1-31
4357 Celebrate Recovery testimonies at church
4358 55 degrees on a January day, a walkabout & Barb's Brook
4359 no football today -- yeah, I understand that some of you don't get this one... but, for me, sometimes it's great to not have football on a Sunday :D

2016 January 3of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

There are more blessings to come! GOD IS FULL OF THEM! Search for other daily blessings from us by searching for the blog labels of: #1000Gifts #JoyDare #1KGiftsJoyDare

05 February 2016

Silence Can Be Deceiving

I love finding quotes that hit a chord within me. Here's one that grabbed me a while back:

"The fact that I'm silent doesn't mean I have nothing to say."
~ Jonathan Carroll

Today is busy - like most days. But, I want to write and share -- especially with a community of writers whom I've grown to love. I haven't written much in the past few months. I've managed to keep jotting down three blessings each day. (My #JoyDare / #1000gifts lists.) But, I've even been slow in editing and posting those. Other things have filled my days. 

I guess, with regard to writing, you could say I've been silent. But, in those times of infrequent blog posts, my writer's mind hasn't been silent at all. There are few things that happen in my normal day-to-day life that don't evoke a flood of thoughts... 
All 5 eggs were laid in the same box by the Golden Comets one cold morning... Coincidence? Well, I make a note of the low temp in their coop on the preceding night & come to the conclusion that sticking together is warmer. My crazy brain immediately envisions 5 hens crowded in one box with each one wiggling out when she's laid her own egg. It reminds me of how important "community" is for all of us. I'll write more about that later.
I vigorously scrape off frost and ice from the windows of our daughter's car in the wee hours of the morning before she takes the Little to school. I pause and snap a shot of the glints of diamonds that shine in the snow as her headlights illuminate the crystal forest that was made of our property in the night while we slept. It occurs to me that I'm freezing there in my jammies, boots and a heavy coat. I walk in and am warmed by the sight of the little seascape I placed above the sun room door years ago. I'm reminded that I can be at the seaside anywhere I am on this planet. Happiness is in me... not in a place. I'll write more about that later. 
I wake in the middle of the night for no logical reason other than "I ,myself, am no longer a spring chicken." I pray for everyone I can think of - at the same time really wishing I was sleeping. Just as I begin to drift off, I hear the pitter-patter of little bare feet running from the east side of the house. I think to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to sleep in today." And, within minutes I'm drowning in hugs and kisses from a toddler giggling and proclaiming, "You're my best friend, DeeDee." I'm reminded that sleep can be highly overrated and that life often happens just as it should happen... not as we had envisioned or planned. And, I acknowledge that even the most difficult chapters of our lives are filled with sweet, sweet blessings we might not otherwise have received. I'll write more about that later.

Each morning I wake and know there are some things which absolutely have to be done that day - commitments, appointments, etc. And, each morning I wake with a long list of what I'd like to do that day. Truth be told, some days I just desire to hide under the blankets for the day. But, life pushes me out of bed. I go about my day-to-day life - making mental notes and writing blog posts along the way (in my mind). I'll write more about that later.

Whether the day ends up being great or grave, it always contains blessings - just waiting to be seen. I write daily in my mind. I record those thoughts for others to read when I feel I can. But, don't be fooled... "The fact that I'm silent doesn't mean I have nothing to say."

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03 February 2016

2016 January 2of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

IThree Gifts A Day: JANUARY 2016
Based on the book, One Thousand Gifts, (by Ann Voskamp) #1000Gifts #JoyDare
I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012... continued in 2013... and 2014... and 2015. HELLO 2016!!! GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS...

January 2016... 2 of 3

Mon 1-11
4297 Kathie Lee & Hoda with the first born
4298 morning nap - quite rare
4299 a warm comfortable bed at the end of a hectic evening

Tues 1-12
4300 clearance items that just keep on giving
4301 living on Hoth

4302 tundra sunsets

Wed 1-13
4303 the root of evil
4304 bridges, walkways & solitude

4305 spying on the girls at the end of the day

Thurs 1-14
4306 sunrise - the hints of hope & new blessings

4307 the runt leading the group - Go Rachel

4308 double yolks - grrrrrrr accidentally popped the yolks

Fri 1-15
4309 Instagram and Two Women and a Hoe :)

4310 the mist over the open fields
4311 a blue cupcake for dessert equals a blue tongue

Sat 1-16
The Little's THIRD birthday
4312 blueberry muffins

4313 first voice recital - the day of her 3rd birthday!!!
4314 family dinner at Burro Loco

Sun 1-17
4315 oops... everyone overslept... but I loved the extra down time with family
4316 silly faces from the Little
4317 party time - have I mentioned that our firstborn, aka "Mommy" is an artist

Mon 1-18
MLK DAY - tons of great quotes from Martin Luthur King, Jr.

4318 Rachel guarding 5 eggs

4319 oops, door was left ajar

4320 hiding from the wind & finding a sunny spot

Tues 1-19
4321 sun on a cold day - beautiful
4322 walking in the cold air - invigorating!!

4323 chicken broth, jello & Gatorade

Wed 1-20
4324 friends praying for us
4325 reading a book - don't sit down and do that enough

4326 killing time & killer beauty

2016 January 2of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

There are more blessings to come! GOD IS FULL OF THEM! Search for other daily blessings from us by searching for the blog labels of: #1000Gifts #JoyDare #1KGiftsJoyDare