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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

31 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 31 October 2015

SUNRISE THOUGHTS... What comes to your mind at the beginning of the day?

It was nothing special; rather mundane; pretty boring. It wasn't what I was hoping for on the last day of my
#write31days posts.

But, this morning's sunrise brought me a new day with new opportunities...

30 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 30 October 2015

In high school I ran the hurdles - that's what they do to long-legged lanky tall girls. One might think that a tall, thin, young person would be able to jump over objects easily. But, in all honesty... I found it rather hard to get those long legs up fast enough & to stay up long enough to clear the hurdles. But, I hung in there and, with much practice, became pretty good at it. 

As I was out this morning looking for

29 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 29 October 2015

My life is full. My life is busy. My life is complicated. There are parts of my story that I don't feel safe sharing with everyone.

I'm a people pleaser & try to be a good friend. I'm tired of feeling used by "friends" who are my friends for a season -- when it suits their purposes -- and then become complete strangers

28 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 28 October 2015

Rainy day again... and, I needed to get out early to make sure the girls had plenty of water. I'd been out a few times yesterday but, had made the choice to change out the water in the morning instead of last evening in the rain. I went out this morning. I got rained on. 

It was cool, windy & rainy throughout the night with the temps barely reaching the low 50's. I heated up a dish of homemade apple sauce and donned a baseball cap, waterproof jacket and boots. I headed

The Girls P1

the original GIRLS
Our story about... the girls...
Page 1

For the past several years when I've said the words, "the girls", I was referring to our daughter (aka The Mommy) and her daughter (aka The Little). In May of this year that term took on a new meaning

27 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 27 October 2015

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down. Do you remember those lyrics? The Carpenters... a brother & sister singing duo... was a group loved by my father. I remember going on family rides in the station wagon on Sunday afternoons & listening to them on an 8-track cassette tape. (Anyone remember those?!?!? And, did anyone else just ride around in the car with your family for entertainment??)

I often think of those words on Mondays or when it's raining - especially at the beginning of the day. Sometimes, I really relate to that melancholy feeling. But, truth be told, I kind of like Mondays & I kind of like rainy days. And, this morning I got a rainy day...

26 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 26 October 2015

Today I awoke up with a mix of feeling excited & feeling overwhelmed. The weekend went by so fast. We accomplished a lot and had some fantastic moments together as a family:

  • We shared a relaxed Friday evening after a busy week
  • I got tons of yard work done in preparation for the winter months
  • We got to visit with our church family on Sunday
  • The Little, The Mommy & I visited the local Pumpkin Patch
  • We worked on the winter condo

25 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 25 October 2015

First thought today... HOORAY, it's SUNDAY! 

I thought that for several reasons. Sundays are a little different for us around here. We have morning coffee together. But then, instead of work or chores, we get to head to church together as a family.

Our drive is around 20 minutes through beautiful, rural farmland. The fall foliage is so pretty this time of year too. "The Little" entertains us on the drive with

24 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 24 October 2015

sunrise shot
Honesty is the best policy. I cheated this morning. Well, actually no, I didn't cheat. But, I did accidentally fail to set an alarm for sunrise. Also, I went to bed WAY TOO LATE last night. This morning the drapes were drawn tight and the cat must have gotten up in the night for a midnight snack. He was peacefully curled up sleeping in the hollow of my back when I awoke an hour after sunrise. And, as for "the Little"... she was quiet this morning!!! There was no loud rattling of the door handle & her sweet voice crying out...

23 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 23 October 2013

Today took a major turn when a family friend & I talked on the phone. He said that today would be a good day to ride along on the combine with him.

I managed to catch a few shots of the sun rising & then headed that way to hop on a combine for a 10+ hour day in the fields for me.

22 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 22 October 2015

Temptation... yeah, that's what my first thought was THIS morning. Granted, it was about 2 hours from the actual time of sunrise when I awoke. But, it was my first thought. I was dead tired physically - having probably gotten less than 5 hours of sleep last night. And, at my advanced age,

21 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 21 October 2015

Killer sunrise this morning in the land of "stuckinindiana" and I'm snapping away when I get that dreaded notice... MEMORY CARD FULL.

Seriously?!?!? This is not good timing!

20 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 20 October 2015

It was the first thing I thought of as I awoke this morning. I mentioned it to the LOML first thing. It occupied my mind as I watched the sun come over the horizon & searched my surroundings for sunrise shots. Upon returning home, I saw his face (if only just a hint of it) in the reflection of a mirror as I passed.

19 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 19 October 2015

It was another cloudless morning with no hint of beautiful color changes when the sun would break the horizon. It was just the type of morning that I knew a drive around my "neighborhood" would be the perfect choice. The open farmland that surrounds me is so beautifully highlighted when in contrast with the sun & sky. As I drove along country roads with the windows down (and the heater cranked up high),

18 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 18 October 2015

New every morning... a Sunday morning sunrise post :)
photo credit T. Getz 2015
I donned the LOML's oversized robe & waterproof boots to walk through the dew-covered grass to "get my sunrise shots" a week ago today and was laughed at by our daughter (Mommy to the Little). "You picked a hard topic this year Mom!"

17 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 17 October 2015

Saturday Sunrise Selfie
Saturday sunrises... how do YOU feel about a Saturday sunrise compared to those of the other days of the week?

Saturday is the ONE day a week that the LOML & I might get a chance to sleep in. And, it's pretty much the only day each week we have a chance to actually relax together as we have our morning coffee. A lot of Saturdays aren't like that with firm plans already made for the beginning of the day. 

But today... we'd decided to take a slower start to the day. We knew the rest of the day would be full of hard, physical work - possibly going into the evening. The weather is changing and, there's a lot to be done on the property before winter!

However... there's that #write31days thing happening.

16 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 16 October 2015

An hour or so before the scheduled time for sunrise, there was not a cloud in the sky. Orion was shining brightly near the southwest horizon. Pleiades was clearly visible, as well as several other constellations and planets. It was gorgeous out. It was just perfect for viewing the night sky.

When it came time for the sun to rise,

15 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 15 October 2015

Falling leaves... frost on the ground... frigid air... farmer's heading out to the fields at the break of the day...

As I've written on a few October pics on the stuckinindiana page...

          It's Fall Y'all!!

There's just something about the transition from summer to winter -- called AUTUMN. And, October does that transition perfectly around these parts.

14 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 14 October 2015

Long before the sun came up, my mind was wide away, mapping out my day and thinking:

"There are way too many things on my schedule for today. How am I possibly going to do it all? I'm going to have to hit the floor running."

A few minutes before 6am, we heard the small voice of our "Little" as she entered our room. She sweetly called out to us:
"PapaBear & DeeDee, cam I cuddle with you in your bed?"

13 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 13 October 2015

Autumn colors are starting to pop in the land of stuckinindiana and, there's nothing like the rising sun to highlight those colors. Even when the "rising sun" is hidden behind thick clouds, beautiful colors become obvious with the slightest hints of light each day.

12 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 12 October 2015

There was a pinkish glow coming from the window across the room. I didn't get up to actually look out. Instead, I typed the following as my personal status on Facebook, put my shoes on & ran out the door.
"It's time for a sunrise walkabout... get ready for some gorgeous pictures."

Imagine my dismay when I walked outside to a very gray, cloudy sky with only

11 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 11 October 2015

What do you think of when you hear the word "perspective". My mind first goes to an artistic and/or photography meaning. 

Whenever I take a pic, whether on a real camera or my smart phone, I am always thinking of the perspective of

10 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 10 October 2015

The outside air was in the upper 30's, the sun was just cresting the horizon & our daughter laughed at me as I walked outside in PJ's, the LOML's oversized robe & waterproof boots to take pics of the sunrise. "You picked a hard one this year Mom", she quipped as she giggled.

Sunrise thoughts... seriously...

09 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 09 October 2015

We were all so excited... we would be the first class to attend the newly built public high school in town. It was brand, spanking new. It was big & fancy. It was totally cool. But, it was too small for the number of students who lived in the area by the time it was ready to occupy! The area where we lived had grown so fast that all the plans of top architects & contractors turned out to be wrong. And, what was to be a school with plenty of room for growth ended up having to adopt TWO SHIFTS for their students. The first shift (mine) attended school from 7am to 12noon. The second shift attended from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.

08 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 08 October 2015

I totally overdid it with the outside work yesterday. It seems to be a pattern I have... struggling with the sames issues I've had since childhood... over-achievement, obsession and insecurity. Seriously?!? What kind of character traits are those to carry through life?

07 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 07 October 2015

We were greeted again today by a cool, foggy start. Even before sunrise, many of the area schools were posting "Fog Delays" online, on TV and on the local radio stations. Even though the National Weather Service had issued a fog alert for our area, our school system didn't have a delay.

We don't have children living in our home any more who have to catch a bus. But, the fog delays reminded me of those days in the past. Fog delays and snow delays were my favorites when

06 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 06 October 2015

I looked out on the hazy fog this morning and sang the lyrics (in my head, that time) of a song from the musical "Oklahoma"...

     Oh, what a beautiful Mornin'
     Oh, what a beautiful day.
     I've got a beautiful feelin'
     Everything's goin' my way.

      (music by Richard Rodgers, lyric by Oscar Hammerstein II;
       Copyright © 1943 by Williamson Music)

Now, please hear me...
Number 1: Most people would not say it was beautiful out this morning. And, Number 2: Who in their right mind

2015 September 3of3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

Three Gifts A Day: SEPTEMBER 2015
Based on the book, One Thousand Gifts, (by Ann Voskamp) #1000Gifts #JoyDare
I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012... continued in 2013... and 2014! Now, I'm into 2015 :) GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS...

September 2015... 3 of 3

Mon 9/21
3961. clearance gloves 
3962. hawks, a missing hen for 45 minutes & surprise return (with her heart beating out of her chest and her hyperventilating)

05 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 05 October 2015

One of the best (and sometimes worst) things about living close to the White River and being surrounded by fields & streams is MORNING FOG! We tend to have more

04 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 04 October 2015

When you choose the topic of "sunrise thoughts" for a writing challenge for every day of a month, you just might be going into the month hoping for some great sunrise shots to share with others. Well, we're 4 days into the month here in the land of stuckinindiana and YET to have a real "sunrise." The Farmer's Almanac & other sources on the internet provide the sunrise/sunset times. And, an alarm is set to remind me to run out and catch a shot of the sun breaking the horizon each morning of this month. 

This morning the alarm sounded, I grabbed the camera (aka my smart phone) and I ran out the door to get a shot.

03 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 03 October 2015

There's just something better about waking up on a Saturday. For our stuckinindiana family, Saturdays are different than all those other days of the week. They usually take a slower start and have a schedule focused more on our property & animals. And, we always make an effort to encompass some good family moments.

This morning was unusual in that we had to be dressed up & out the door for an 8am breakfast in town. We needed to be out the door before the time of sunrise

02 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 02 October 2015

I was so proud of myself... all dressed and ready for my morning walkabout & not even too close to the time of sunrise... 7:39am. I'd woken up much earlier feeling as though I'd not gotten rested at all. And, I'd woken with the knowledge that the coming few days were going to be fast & furious with activities. 

And, what did I find as I walked out?? There WAS no sunrise!

01 October 2015

sunrise thoughts 01 October 2015

Last night's sunset was incredible. What a way for September to go out. 

We LOVE October around these parts and, a quote was recently shared on our page about September: 
"Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul... but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October." ~ Peggy Toney Horton  #quote