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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

11 April 2014

PAIRINGS - A Dichotomy Within

I'm a mess. I'm imperfect (a lot of imperfect to be honest). I desire so many things. I attain few. I'm a piece of work... a work in progress.

This morning these scriptures came to mind...
"I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart." Psalm 40:8
"I want to do what is good, but I don’t. I don’t want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway." Romans 7:19 NLT
I took this picture on a day
when the winds carried the snow
across our property -
blocking our view entirely at one point!

I am a dichotomy! 

dichotomy - a division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups: e.g.a dichotomy between thought and action
But, I am seeking to grow closer to what I was created to be :)

This was also my #JoyDare No. 2474. the struggle within - dichotomy

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  1. Hi, I posted further down too, but wanted to comment here too. I can relate to knowing the good I should do, or the wrong attitude I shouldn't have, and yet not always obeying. I'm thankful God is patient and tender with us, and that he delights in us! Wow.

    So, from reading further down, your daughter and her child are moving in with you now for a time. How neat that you guys can be there for her, and to have this extra unique time to bond with them both. There will be adjustments for everyone, I'm sure, but may God make it into a sweet sweet time, when looking back at it.

    Jennifer Dougan

    1. Thanks Jennifer... I'm with you... abundantly blessed by God's GRACE! Regarding our "housemates" for this season... we are blessed to have the extra time with them and to know that we can provide a stable & supportive environment at this time!