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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

18 July 2014


Future CHQ Student?
UPDATE: Monday, 8/10/14, 11am... Today is our last FULL day in Chautauqua - as we will be leaving for stuckinindiana land before noon tomorrow. We are staying these last 3 nights in a very nice hotel just minutes from the gates of CHQ. Our 7 nights on the porch at the DOC Graybiel House were filled with some interesting experiences & wonderful people. God remained faithful & blessed us by providing that place to stay...

UPDATE: Thursday, 7/31, 11:15pm... 7 of the last 10 nights have been set up :) I heard back from the Disciples of Christ denominational house around 11pm. I need to pay them & fill out paperwork. But, it looks like... on Saturday morning before noon, we will move out of the Mardelle (boo for the creepy landlord) and Saturday afternoon after 3pm, we will move in to a PORCH on the second floor with the Disciples of Christ!! No windows - just screens & mini-blinds. Never a dull moment in our #chautauqua adventure!!

UPDATE: Thursday, 7/31, 1pm... I'm trusting & praying as I wait to hear back from TWO places this afternoon... 
* One is a 2nd-floor porch apartment (with only screens & mini-blinds for windows) at a denominational house here on-site (shared kitchen & bath; no AC); priced VERY reasonably - but, ONLY available for 7 of the 10 days
* One is a close, but off-site, hotel suite (with a free daily shuttle to/from CHQ; but, no cooking facilities at all); reasonably priced for what it is... still a bit much for 10 nights.

UPDATE: Tuesday, 7/29... and still looking with a possible place outside of the gates with a shuttle to/from the property but, NO COOKING privileges :/ Not discouraged... I have an army of Christian brothers & sisters agreeing with me in this prayer :) God ROCKS!!!

UPDATE: Sunday, 7/27... and still looking for a place on the inside. Not discouraged... because... I serve a mighty God.

7/18/14 This is a crazy unusual post for me. But, I've felt led to post it for a few days now. 

Some of the people who read my posts are family members. Others are friends. And, some are people not yet personally known to me :) Many of my blog readers believe in the power of PRAYER. So, I'm asking for PRAYER & POSITIVE THOUGHTS from anyone who reads this post.

We (my daughter, her 18-month old daughter & I) need ACCEPTABLE & AFFORDABLE housing for 10 nights.... INSIDE THE CHAUTAUQUA INSTITUTION GROUNDS!
mommy & daughter at the Art Quad

If you are familiar with CHQ, you understand that the going rate per night and per week inside the gates & fences of Chautauqua is not small. The rent charged for our first 6 weeks here was enough to feed a small family for a year! I'm praying for a MIRACLE... FREE housing would be ideal! Being the crazy person that I am... I believe that God can do that. SO, join me in my prayers.

My daughter is a full-time student in the VISUAL ARTS AT CHAUTAUQUA INSTITUTION this summer. Since she came with her toddler & a care-giver (that's me), she could not get in the student housing. The three of us have been here since August 19th and living in a modest efficiency apartment behind Bestor Plaza. The landlord told us that he only had the apartment available for the first 6 weeks but, was pretty certain he could move people around to keep us in the same apartment for the final 10 days (wk 7 and 3 nights into wk 8). Week 7 is a big deal around here & almost everything is SOLD OUT for that week! However, when the landlord learned that neither of us was willing to work for him every single day, 4:45-7:45pm, while we were here (for no pay - just a gate pass for me), his tune changed. SO, we are now needing housing for the nights of Saturday, August 2, through Monday night, August 11th. It must be ON SITE here at CHQ due to the crazy art schedule of my Visual Arts daughter. We need full kitchen access to prepare our meals. (Babies can't survive on restaurant food & our wallet couldn't survive 10 days of restaurant food!) We would LOVE to have WiFi access too since being trapped inside for g'baby's 2-hour naps is a great time to catch up socially, read & write. We only need 1 bedroom with sleeping for two. We have a Pack N Play for the little one with us :) A private bathroom with a tub & shower would be great!!
I would LOVE to find somewhere to stay those 10 nights but, cost is a factor. 
CHQ residents...  I'm wondering, do you know of any friends or neighbors who might have a guest house or guest suite where we could stay those last 10 nights - Saturday night, August 2nd through Monday night, August 11th. Perhaps a resident of CHQ would not be here that week & I could water plants or feed the fish (ha ha!) or clean their house or... something in exchange for a place for the 3 of us to sleep & cook our own meals for that time. (I'd BUY all my food & clean up any messes, of course.) FYI, we only need ONE bedroom, we are sharing about 200 sq ft here :) We are fine being close.
Friends outside of these gates... please send your prayers & positive thoughts this way. There has to be a perfect place out there for us!!
the bridge directly behind the Amphitheater

And, thus concludes my unusual plea for help :)  If you know of anything, you may send a note to stuckinindiana@hotmail.com  If you want to know more about me personally, check out the other posts on this blog. I'm an open book on this thing! It tells my WHOLE story - LOL! 

chillin' under the big tree outside the Art Quad
pic taken from University Beach
a favorite place down by Miller Bell Tower

evening walkabouts along the lake
making friends at the 4th of July concert
supporting young artists
We are blessed to be here. We are grateful for the opportunity for our daughter at CHQ. Please agree with me in prayer that God provides for our needs for housing for the last 10 nights. Thanks so much!


  1. Hello Indiana Girl,

    You've been on my mind too :) and I've been meaning to stop by your blog.

    No, I haven't seen any more places to link up gratitude gift blogs to Ann's site, sadly. She must have stopped doing that. Bummer, huh?

    I have had a busy stretch of weeks so haven't been able to post twice a week as usual.

    So this art school place and the need for housing for ten days. May God provide in amazing and surprising ways. :) That's nice that you get to be there with your daughter and grandbaby.

    Have a great week,
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. I miss being able to connect easily with other bloggers via Ann's site :/ I continue to get your posts via email but, miss seeing others that were being shared.

    Thanks for the prayers... 12 days until 10 days are needed :) God is working -- I'm sure. He will provide something just right. I'm loving the experience.

    Oh, I posted a few pics of her work this morning at http://stuck-in-indiana.blogspot.com/2014/07/opening-day-so-excited.html :)

  3. UPDATE: Tuesday, 7/29, and still looking with a possible place outside of the gates with a shuttle to/from the property but, NO COOKING privileges :/ Not discouraged... I have an army of Christian brothers & sisters agreeing with me in this prayer :) God ROCKS!!!