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23 July 2013

Awesome Girlfriends I Have!!!

I have quite a few girlfriends who inspire me to be a better person... while completely accepting me & loving me right where I am. I volunteer for my local church to communicate information for two ministry areas: Women's Ministries & Worship Arts Ministries. This week I was blessed to write a story about what some of my awesome girlfriends are doing with other friends in our community. Here it is...

If you participate in Zumba with our SisterFitness girls at Madison Park or follow us at all via Twitter or Facebook, you've been hearing some great things about the Great Give. On Tuesday, July 9th, Natalie & Hillary, the sisters of SisterFitness, showed up to lead the Zumba group at Madison Park. Here's an excerpt from their post the following day about that night:
God showed up last night.
  • We went to the bank feeling strongly that we needed to get out $700 to give away. That just happened to be the exact amount the bank had in $5 bills.
  • We showed up to class – a class that has been averaging about 80 people during these summer months – and God brought us exactly 140 people… 140 people x $5 = $700.

Simply. Amazing.
  • This is not about Sister Fitness. This is not about Madison Park Church. This is not about any single one of us. This is about God being ready to do something HUGE for our community with the humbled hearts of any of us willing to participate.

What exactly IS the Great Give? In the words of our friends in the first post about the Great Give, "If you are reading this right now, you are blessed. You have the Internet with some sort of device to search and retrieve information....READ MORE HERE

The Great Give will benefit the ministry of Dove Harbor. Learn about the Dove Harbor story here.

The past 2 weeks have been full of wonderful stories of what $5 can equal. Many of the people have done something great with their $5.
  • The children of SisterFitness started the entire thing out with a  sweet show of support!
  • Kimberly Majeski (our BOHO ministry coordinator) wrote two posts related to the Great Give: The Great Give and Strip Club Theology.  
  • Some of the ideas to support the Great Give so far have involved: chocolate, birthdays, crayons, cornhole, local government and running.
  • For all the stories shared via our Madison Park Zumba girls at SisterFitness, take a look here

The Great Give will conclude ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, Tuesday July 30th, as the participants of Zumba at our Madison Park facility will gather & give back their "$5" to go to the ministry of Dove Harbor. If you would like to participate in the Great Give by making a contribution online, click here

We are blessed to be in community with YOU! Thanks for your love & participation. 

From a volunteer who's BLESSED to be play a small part in the BIG PLAN of God through the WomMin of Madison Park...
The Communications Gal - c

RE: Women's Ministries at Madison Park
The best sources for all the information about what the women (young & not-so-young) of MPC are up to can be found via The Tuesday Scoop, our Facebook page & our Twitter feed. For the complete picture of what's happening at Madison Park Church, we encourage you to check the main website daily AND subscribe to the Threads Email Updates.

As I've said before, often times the things I do which don't put a penny in my pocket fill my heart with blessings that are invaluable! I am so grateful to have such inspiring girlfriends!

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