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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

22 September 2016

2016 July 2 of 3 ONE THOUSAND GIFTS

Three Gifts A Day: JULY 2016
Based on the book, One Thousand Gifts, (by Ann Voskamp) #1000Gifts #JoyDare
I took the 1,000 Gifts Dare for the year of 2012... continued in 2013... and 2014... and 2015. Getting super close to 5,000!!! GOD IS FULL OF BLESSINGS...

Mon 7-11 A New Chapter Begins... the LOML's FIRST DAY at UPike
4843 being rather organized with someone else in my world isn't quite so - ha ha!!
4844 my helper posing on bales of hay
4845 out working the light of day aka hours & hours of weeding the garden = a sense of accomplishment

Tues 7-12
4846 morning light - to view my hard work from the night before
4847 life with an artist in the family & in the house
4848 inability to stay away from my spouse aka the LOML
subtitle: How dare he think I could not be in Kentucky with him for his first week :)

Wed 7-13
4849 bahahaha... some things never change... the LOML's snacks at his temporary apartment
4850 coincidences - which got K & I in to take pics & measurements in the new apartment
4851 first night in P'ville with the LOML... trusting God and believing that this chapter of our lives is important!!!

Thurs 7-14
4852 visiting the LOML at his NEW office

4853 $10 emergency bathing suits for fun times
4854 beauty on the road

Fri 7-15
4855 star lilies - the look, the smell

4856 working outside in ugly clothes ('cause no one can seem me here anyhow!!)
4857 Mini Belle's house across the field

Sat 7-16
4858 discovering a box of cookies under the bed skirt :O
break times under the shagbark hickory tree
4860 the smell of a fresh cut lawn... 3+ acres of it... at the end of the day :)

Sun 7-17
4861 our sweet, sweet Little and morning cuddles

4862 getting the MBR all cleaned and ready for our next return to the land of "stuckinindiana" from Kentucky - feels good
4863 back on the road again with the LOML and a full truck
4863 beauty along the way - regardless of some uncertainties

Mon 7-18
4864 a long, very productive day at the Magic Mart :)
4865 following the LOML - a choice for LIFE!!!
4866 dinner out with the LOML - Texas Roadhouse sign bahahahaha!

Tues 7-19
4867 mattress delivery men who carry heavy things up to the 4th floor and are still cheerful!

4868 new friends who let us stay in their place until ours was ready - and, how we trashed their entry area to move upstairs to our apartment
4869 the first sunset from our new apartment front door - not super colorful... but, very meaningful

Wed 7-20
4870 checking out Big Lots in P'ville... we so fancy :D
4871 cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and MOPPING FLOORS ON YOUR HANDS & KNEES
4872 black spray paint and a very old FREE lamp

There are more blessings to come! GOD IS FULL OF THEM! Search for other daily blessings from us by searching for the blog labels of: #1000Gifts #JoyDare #1KGiftsJoyDare

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