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Do you ever feel STUCK? In 2000, I began looking for answers to some tough questions in my life. I'd searched high & low and finally conceded to search the promises found in the Bible. Those promises have sustained & guided me through the loss of a parent, the struggle with anxiety & depression, the loss of a valued relationship and so much more! I've found joy amid the pain. And, I want to share it with you!

31 October 2013

Fall Front Porch... GUEST POST

Here's a pic of my front porch yesterday:

I guess I need to turn the Jack o' Lantern around so the face shows today... and get my candy bowl ready. I'm really going to miss our son being here to play scary tunes on the piano, organ, trombone or some other instrument.

I love decorating for the seasons. I just wish I liked cleaning up & putting things away. The foyer is a mess! But, the front porch looks pretty good - ha ha!

Sharing this today from a friend... LOVE HER BLOG & HER FRONT PORCH :)

Just following Jesus in my real life...: Fall Front Porch...
In the past I may have done a bit more to "fall-ify" my front porch. Of course, there also may have been times I didn't "fall-ify" it at all! But this year, I think it's just right...not too...
Follow the link above to read her full blog post. 

PS I went out & did a little more to my porch to make it better for the Trick or Treaters :) Well... if we have any out here in stuckinindiana land :)


  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog. Your porch is adorable!

  2. You're welcome Elizabeth. I read your blog regularly - just don't get around to commenting or sharing enough :) Reading yours this morning reminded me that I needed to go spruce my porch up for kids later tonight :)